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In this post, I’ll discuss the problems that we discovered when we conducted research about the American credit and debt system.


The American credit grantors have spent and are spending billions of dollars trapping us into their credit to debt web.


Every day Americans in all walks of life receive advertising intended to lure them into buying products on credit either through a bank loan, store purchase card, or a good credit card.



Through their propaganda, Madison Avenue have convinced us that each and every

one of us needs a credit card, be it gold, platinum, or the

highest in esteem that the bank or other credit issuers had as their premier credit card.


The advertisers  have most Americans convinced that the more credit cards we possess,

the wealthier and freer we are.


I know that most of people are familiar with the following popular slogans

and propaganda emanating from two of our (Friends),

the credit card companies.


From the American Express credit card, “Don’t leave home without it,

and the Capital One credit card clarion  “What do you have in your wallett,”

we can barely turn on our televisions without hearing some actor

or spokesperson literally shout the above and other credit related clarion calls

at us through the audio of our televisions.


They many times even show us the best way to get good credit.

They prey on our emotions by causing us to feel ashamed when we either don’t have a credit

card or we cannot get a good enough credit rating to receive one.


Of course, they in their greed and haste forget to inform us about the dark sides of credit, the credit score, debt,

and, especially the high-interest rates associated with the American credit card.




AND don’t be sad.

There are many banks and credit card companies who will provide a credit card seekers credit cards despite bad credit issues discovered about the credit seeker.






Just about everything we buy on credit or through periodic payments, like home insurance, automobile

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insurance, mortgages, automobiles, and many other household needs are purchased VIA credit.  


The credit  approval for the purchase is based upon such factors as your age, your sex,

your driving record, income, education, and occupation, BUT, of all these things,

YOUR CREDIT RATING is probably the most important factor.


For example, an individual who has a very low or bad credit score, most credit purchases

by this person involving the assumption of short or long-term debt and interest, will

cost this person more, sometimes, considerably more than it does for the person

with a good to excellent credit score.


Your credit rating is so important that it now many times defines your character and how people view

you in society, especially the American society.  


Unless they’re conning society in some manner, most people with below average to poor credit scores are not

looked upon as the pillars of the American society.






The custom of most of the insurance industry charging more for insurance based

upon a person’s credit score is both true and universal. 


This means that there often is a large difference between what an individual

with good credit pays for automobile insurance versus what a person with a less than

an optimum credit score pays for auto insurance coverage.


This practice described above often even affects drivers who have sterling driving records.


Many times, drivers with a sterling driving records but poor credit will pay

more for automobile insurance than do the driver who has good credit score

but a less than a sterling driving record.


Don’t believe us, attempt to get car insurance or even a car insurance quotes or

any other type of insurance without the agent asking in-depth questions about your credit.


And, you had better believe they are going to run your credit and other financial data through one of the credit bureaus.


You have better hope that you get a good credit rating from the credit bureaus, otherwise,

your insurance quote from the insurer’s underwriter is going to be expensive; hold on to your wallet!




Still, don’t believe your credit rating counts in the amount and the price of your automobile insurance premium,

many of the big name car insurance companies with the traditionally LOW insurance premiums are now

starting to refuse insurance to anyone who has ever declared bankruptcy.


You might ask yourself what in the H… does my credit rating have to do with the way I drive. 


In real time and in real terms,  it has nothing to do with the way you drive.


It, however, has everything to do with automobile insurance corporate greed.


It appears that their rationale for having low premium prices for people with optimum credit and another

tier of higher, much higher prices, for individuals with poorer credit, is that people with good

credit are more responsible people.


Therefore these individuals will drive more responsible and get involved in fewer accidents?


I have heard of no study or studies proving the above rationale, so, I will state this practice appears to be nothing

but greed on the part of the car insurance companies and insurers.


A clever way to enrich the corporate coffers and bilk thousands

maybe millions of individuals out of their hard-earned money.




This trend has leech into other sectors of the insurance industry as well. For example, term life insurance,

as well as whole life insurance, can cost a whole lot less if you have a good credit score rating.


Your credit score is such a pervasive icon!


It really counts for a lot in your life.


Try to get a job in a bank, in law enforcement, on wall street, or even with the

various governments with a poor credit rating,

It is not going to happen!  



The writer of this post was a former human resources manager and persons applying for most jobs who have poor or bad credit will never get beyond the first interview in most firms.


The employers will quickly screen job seekers with less than optimum credit out at the beginning of the process.

This pervasive custom by many industries to have a premium price structure depending on an individual’s credit score appears to be both frivolous and capricious.


It smells of greed.

There are millions of individuals or families out there of high moral character who has suffered financial damage to their to their credit because of circumstances beyond their control.


Human illness, employment layoffs, or other maladies of a financial nature can reek havoc on one’s financial well-being.


There have been many cases where an individual with sterling credit and the appearances of good character have

been able to merge their evil thoughts and deeds into avarice.


For example, take the case of Bernie Madoff who

had first class credit, a good credit score rating and also alleged top-of-the-line character.


This guy turned scoundrel, circulated among the rich and famous, used his credit rating and assumed good

character, to develop a Ponzi scheme which bilked some of the more financially astute people in the world

out of not millions but billions of dollars.


The above discussions were discussed to show that, in our opinion, a good or bad credit rating can have

little to do with a person’s moral character…how healthy they will be… or how they drive.


But, society does have its little flaws. Despite my laments above–you need good credit. 


A good credit score can assist your climb up the corporate ladder, however, conversely,

a poor credit rating can make your life miserable and your employment less secure.


Poor credit can also impede any path to upward mobility in all aspects of your life.




Poor credit can have many snares.


It will prevent your ascendency to better paying, higher rated jobs.


The current upheavals and unrest in society,  circumstances for people with poor credit ratings 

are getting more dire every day. 


A poor or a bad credit rating will definitely affect your standard of living.


Oh! They’ll let you drive and pay later for that new shiny automobile, but, because of poor credit,

your loan interest rates are going to be draconian. 


In addition, The insurance company, because of your poor credit, is going

to charge a lot for insurance on that car.

These imposed but unnecessary new poor credit expenses are deducted from an individual’s disposal

income, thus effectively lowering the cost of living for the affected person.


It appears the practice of charging differing annual fees for services because of credit

began at first as a method used mostly by insurance companies to get their paws

on more of your hard-earned money. 


This practice has now spread, like cancer in the body, to other financial transactions,

like, for example, home mortgage loans.


Interest rates are much higher for homeowners with poor credit.


No matter what, getting and maintaining good credit is a necessity in today’s America.



This post and the one’s that follow on credit and debt will educate on how to use credit, manage debt

and how to profit from their use.


It is possible to achieve excellent credit, get a good credit rating and use credit to

your advantage and let its use cause you to  become wealthier instead of

its use causing you to be poorer.


I’m closing this post, but stay tuned,  Later we’ll show you how to eliminate and/or moderate your debt obligation

and have sterling credit.


We welcome all comments. if you have any questions about anything in this post, please email us at


Bobby Williams is the founder and CEO of South Chi Marketing, Inc. He and his company have been marketing online for about 7 years. Mr. Williams, a retired Federal employee, has both bachelor and masters degrees in human resources management. South Chi Marketing is striving to live up to its motto, "complete honesty in all our business transactions".

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