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Both credit and debt in perfect harmony could be labeled gifts.


The use of credit and ultimate debt can be one of the most powerful tools

for the creation of wealth and more of our pleasurable toys which we cherish.


Credit is also responsible for the above average high standard of living in the

United States and in the western world.


So just what is credit and just what is debt?:


Webster defines the definition of credit as; a belief, or trustworthiness, or

honourableness or the sense of having time to pay.


So you can see from this definition that credit with a time to pay is normally only extended 

to individuals who are believable, trusty and honorable.


Webster also defines in the definition of debt as something owed or an obligation to pay.


The debt definition is short and sweet you have made an obligation to pay

because you owe for something purchased or…and etc.


The reality regarding credit to debt and debt to credit are subjects that we tend to not openly discuss in the American society.


But do we, however,  discuss the disastrous effects that too much easy credit and the resulting debt can have upon individuals and the American society?




Most of modern human society, especially the American society, lives mainly on debt. 


Without debt, most Americans and most of the world’s middle-class populations

could not afford to live very well. 


Credit does have an effect on the American Standard of Living.


Americans use credit and debt to purchase our houses, our cars, and most of the furniture and most of the other things we have in our houses.


Just about everything purchased in modern life begins with the plunge into credit and the subsequent debt.


Without credit and the subsequent legal debt, most American

businesses would fail.  The American economy would also collapse


Jobs would be scarce if not nonexistent, and many other niceties

of life that we take for granted would not be available.


Paying for anything on or with cash is fast fading.

We now pay for our groceries by charging them on our friendly credit card…like your friendly

Capital One Credit Card asks “what’s in your wallet”  this corporate slogan can be roughly translated to be saying carry our card and use it to make all your purchases, up to your credit limit.

Sure enough the Capital One credit card is a friendly credit card, while you’re charging purchases on it.

On the debt side it’s also “FRIENDLY

Just don’t be late with or miss a payment.


There are both good and bad sides of credit.

To have a high standard of living,like we have in

the United States, credit is a must.


Credit can provide the salary-challenged among us, most Americans, with things that,

if not for credit, they could not afford.


But the unwise use credit and the resultant debt can bring devastation upon an individual

or his whole family.


It can also devastate communities alike.

Debt can be the most destructive force you ever encountered.


Countless lives and careers have been destroyed by debt.





Unfortunately for people living in most of the civilized world credit which leads to debt

has been both a blessing and an albatross around their neck. 


Credit then debt is an neck albatross because of the buy now, pay later, mentality, of most people, plus the advertisements coming from Madison Avenue and the corporate businesses which encourage debt behavior.


This behavior tends to often lead to overwhelming debt where the debtor’s only recourse is to

get a debt consolidation loan or enroll with a debt management service.


These debt consolidation programs are fairly expensive but most will help the debtor receive financial relief help or assist the debtor pursue a debt elimination program or more probably one of the many debt consolidation programs.






The largest contributor to most of the modern massive amount of consumer debt is the little pieces of plastic called a credit card and student college loans.


These little handy often overused ATMs, called the credit

cards, are very convenient, easy to use, and are readily available,

to purchase anything the buyer wants or needs up to the card’s credit limit.


Once you have one or more of these, oops, Godsends, credit cards,

it’s easy for you to buy that new television, new electronics, new household furniture and etc,

or just what Madison Avenue tells you you need when, in reality,

you really have no need but only a want for the item being peddled to you.

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Too much credit card use and you’ll soon  be eligible for and probably will need to soon seek debt elimination advice.

The valid debt eliminators will enroll a stressed out debtor in a credit card debt elimination

or some other debt elimination program.


Once you have one or more of these, oops, Godsends, credit cards,

it’s easy for you to buy that new television, new electronics, household furniture and etc,

or just what Madison Avenue tells you you need when, in reality,

you really have no need for the item being peddled to you.


The credit card companies lay first the credit and then the resultant debt at your front door.


Once this disastrous debt creator, the credit card, is at your front door with its pernicious interest, it will have an effect on you and your family’s standard of living.


Once you discover that paying only the minimum payment each month will take you years to pay the principal balance plus the card’s draconian interest rate.


Making only the minimum payment on a credit Card for life of your balance often means

you’ll end up paying 2 to 3 times the amount you borrowed.


Once you figure that credit card debt is out of your control, you now need credit card elimination or some other form of debt elimination services.


Most indebted individuals all over the civilized world would love to be debt free.


However, most of us are reluctant to put forth the effort to be free of debt and remain debt free.


The charm of the glowing pieces of plastic and the other methods (financial traps)

that the marketing companies set before we the consumers are extremely attempting and strong. 


Couple this with the consistent bombardment of the many advertisement media telling

us that we want, not need, some product…..We make that unnecessary purchase

….And many consumers…keep on purchasing wanted but not needed items. 


More times than necessary we keep on purchasing or we tend to ignore the problem or hide our face in the sand until our debt overwhelms us.


Most of us will let this debt stigma get real bad before we seek help, or we prolong our need for assistance.


Many wait till they’re desperately in need of some form of debt elimination,

or work with a debt elimination service, or have to declare bankruptcy.





Sometimes we are already deep in debt, but, we enlist more debt.


Many times this is because of the fact that we are so already deeply in debt and we

say to ourselves, what the hell—I’m going to get more credit under the pretense in my mind

that a little more debt won’t damage us any further.


OR, we throw up our hands in frustration and state to ourselves,


“Further purchases on credit won’t make a whole lot of difference in my debt-ridden life.”


“I will make more debt because I see or hear about more objects I’m told that I want but do not need.


Madison Avenue is constantly working its magic wand and telling us to go further into debt.


We make our minimum payments on the credit cards or other debt instruments

until we begin to see improving cash flow, which, if you’re only paying the minimum payment, will be a long time coming


This cash flow on some cards, if ever realized, will be quickly eaten up by all the existing

and new minimum payments on credit cards or other financial instruments

that we are obligated for.


In this situation, the mind and your behavior have played a nasty trick on you the debtor.


Instead of seeking the comfort of debt elimination by a reputable

debt elimination group, some debtors choose to use additional credit and

their mounting debt piles up.


The above scenario will soon overwhelm the debtor.


Piling debt on other debt, the debtor will soon no longer have the cash flow

or cash on hand necessary to pay the real important bills, like mortgages, rent,

car notes and other bills that sustain life. 


This situation can be devastating and some individuals will even experience negative

health conditions because of a debt situation.


Stress Kills. No matter where stress comes from and financial stress will,

in the long run, kill you, or cause you to kill yourself.




Individuals laden down with personal debt is an unnatural state of slavery.


If you’re laden with too much debt you’re are a defacto slave to your creditors.


However, there are some debt consolidation options.

Some of these options offer free debt elimination assistance.


Most debt consolidation companies, for a fee, can reduce the draconian interest charged by the creditors, especially as it relates to credit cards.


Once you have reached the stage where you need a debt consolidation program,

you, in the author’s opinion, have reached debt’s rock bottom.


When you’re unable to pay your own bills through your own efforts, and you have to pay your debt by a debt eliminator, this is tantamount to giving up all your financial rights.


“You have now become a slave to debt elimination

programs and/or your creditors.”






Although there are many debt consolidations companies out there,

you want one that is both discrete, and honest.  


These debt consolidators may have the designation of being non-profit,

but you’ll still pay a fairly high price for their service.


You need to spend some time looking for the best debt consolidation companies. 


Choosing the right one for a particular debt issue is a big decision.


Choose wisely, these people have your financial future in their hands.




This firm should have a positive track record of providing subscribers  

with debt resolution services.


However, you need to evaluate all fees asked for by debt resolution firms.


Can’t find a good one, maybe you should try and get it done all by yourself.


It is difficult but not impossible to get debt relief and eventually total debt elimination

all by yourself. 


There are books written about how to eliminate debt all by yourself.


Some of these books lay out a step-by-step plan to eliminate your

debts altogether.


Some other programs will detail steps that will help you discover a whole new way to look at money, debt, wealth, and credit.


With time and effort, these books (found at most book sellers) will show you how

to make any size of debt disappear.


Some books are so thorough they will provide tips so you can remove major debt in as

little as ninety days.


Many of the books display methods for using compound interest (favored by many creditors) in your favor instead of against you.

Other books reveal how to eliminate all the extraneous fees, charges, and the other nonsense tacked onto your bill by the credit card and other financial creditors. 


The beauty of this procedure is that the majority of the time, you won’t need to

to make more money to participate.




The company we researched has tricks that will whittle all your bills down to size in roughly

one-tenth of the time it would take the credit card company to free you from debt slavery. 


This book is no joke and it gives profound but simple advice on how to use the money you have

to gain financial freedom using nothing more than the money you already have.


The name of this book will be revealed to readers in further blogs on this subject.


This book has the best way to eliminate credit card debt.

It also reveals how you can be debt free without sacrificing your pleasure

and enjoyment of life.

The book is not just about the same-old useless conventional wisdom.


.You will be thrilled with this new way to look at money and credit.


Even if your debts- mortgage- credit cards, car loans, and personal

loans, payday loans, and etc., have you in a deep financial hole,

the techniques revealed will show you how to put

your financial problems, and other money worries behind you for good.


These series of  FREE get out of debt Blogs to be released soon by South Chi Marketing will get almost anyone started on the way to personal financial freedom and success.


This Blog series takes nothing for granted, It’ll break down the advice into minute pieces so

you don’t have to be a financial wizard to understand or use our debt elimination secrets.


As a way of testimony, thousands of people from all walks of life have already used our proven strategies to power their way out of the murky waters of debt, desperation, and onto a higher plateau of wealth and stress-free living.


You will be amazed at how big a role ridding yourself of financial worry can play in your quality of life by causing you to be happier, healthier, and a more productive person.


Stay tuned for our next blog on this subject we’ll discuss CREDIT and DEBT.


We welcome any and all comments. If there are any questions about anything in this post,

send an email to















Bobby Williams is the founder and CEO of South Chi Marketing, Inc. He and his company have been marketing online for about 7 years. Mr. Williams, a retired Federal employee, has both bachelor and masters degrees in human resources management. South Chi Marketing is striving to live up to its motto, "complete honesty in all our business transactions".

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