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We are pleased to announce South Chi Marketing’s affiliation with Wealthy Affiliate (WA). 

We look forward to a long-term relationship with Wealthy Affiliate.

In our opinion, in WA we found the best work from home affiliate marketing

platform and company on the Internet.




In our search for a legitimate scam-free business opportunity

that performed as it said it would.


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Our search was sometimes exhausting, painful, and financially disastrous

We investigated a number of online affiliate marketing platforms and companies. 


Our search focused on an attempt to discover a very good to excellent affiliate marketing company.

One who had a solid record of honesty and legitimacy. 


The company had to have a solid record of performing the way it stated it would. 

It had to have a solid financial record and be stable financially.


It also had to have a record of paying it publishers any earnings they had earned.


The company also had to have a record of paying its affiliates on time.


The company’s training had to be broad and comprehensive.


They had to have large numbers of successful money-making affiliates.


Their support had to be fast and responsive.


After many hours of research, and lost dollars, we limited our search.


We explored the extremely few affiliate or general markets platforms

that we appraised as good to excellent.


We finally narrowed our search to a few opportunities and products.


These few opportunities or products met our criteria that we had established 

for a business opportunity or product promotion.


What did we discover about online business

opportunities in general? 


Our search revealed few if any excellent online marketing companies.  


There were some marketing companies that were good but the

route to profits was difficult and not easily obtained,


Hundreds of others were not scams but required thousands of dollars

in seller upsells to be successful. 


There were many others who offered little training and had very

little dedication directed toward their affiliate’s success.


Some offered training but the training was too long, tedious and complicated

for affiliate learning or success.


WE discovered many others that had strategic problems that could block

a users path to success.


Hundreds of others were just outright scams.




After sifting through these opportunities and products one

opportunity stood out from the rest.


WE NARROWED OUR FOCUS to the good to excellent

affiliate companies and platforms.


Our searched became focused on the opportunities we rated good to excellent.


                                                                       The company we finally selected was the Wealthy Affiliate


Out of about 200 online companies investigated, we chose the Wealthy Affiliate

business model and opportunity!


We chose to promote Wealthy Affiliate because;


Wealthy Affiliate offered all the criteria, dedication and training

we believed necessary for online business success.


Truth be told, Wealthy Affiliate is a great company,

Years ago, it was founded by two young honest individuals.

Their focus was to have the best damn affiliate marketing

company on the net.

By pursuing this creed for excellence they created a platform that allows anyone

desirous of an online income to earn money online


We honestly believe WA achieved this goal.


  1. WA training and teaching is directed toward letting a business achieve

            a quick and easy online presence.

    2.  They can have a newbie affiliate up and ready to go in less than an hour.

    3.  They supply the new affiliate with free themes and domains.

   4.  They supply a free website to get you started.

    5.  WA provides all the secrets to having a brand presence on the net

         and how to make money online.

    6.  WA supplies all the benefits needed for online success and they are timely,

           understandable and always available when needed.


The Wealthy Affiliate network members are a community and are extremely helpful and supportive.


The community have adopted as one of their functions the success of their fellow affiliate

subscribers and network affiliates


If you have failed at affiliate marketing in the past, give this opportunity a chance.

We believe you’ll be financially surprised and rewarded

We sincerely believe that anyone who wants to make a fortune or just a darn good living can use a

Wealthy Affiliate membership to do so.


 We truly believe that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate business opportunity.  

  We discovered also that Wealthy Affiliate;

One is not a scam opportunity;

secondly, it had a record of building beautiful profit ready websites;

Thirdly,  affiliates could build these sites almost in the blink of the eye;

fourthly, The WA powerful platform is set up and is dedicated to bringing

their affiliates quick success


WA’s affiliate websites and programs are extremely secure.

The company’s existence and profitability are dependent on its affiliates being successful.

And finally, the opportunity allowed their affiliates to make money without

                                                                                   them having to spend money


WA can satisfy all individual or company desires for online business success.


Below other reasons we chose Wealthy Affiliate Over hundreds of Others We Examined


In further examining WA;

We discovered that WA‘s focus is on teaching it affiliate’s how

to train and learn how to quickly make money online.

Additionally, we discovered that the WA;

  1. has thousands of successful affiliates;
  2. believes in the comprehensive training of its affiliates;
  3.  setup is geared to assist its affiliates to make;
  4.  has made it easy to make money working from home;
  5. affiliate will be able to make money without having a whole lot of money;
  6.  program did what it promised.


In our opinion, in WA we found the best work, from home affiliate marketing

platform and company on the Internet.


WA, in our opinion, if not the best, is in the top-ten best affiliate programs on the internet.  


South Chi Marketing has been conducting affiliate marketing for about 7 years.

We have never seen such a complete affiliate marketing company

as is this Wealthy Affiliate!




WA (as we favorable call the Wealthy Affiliate work home business) is fantastic.  

WA is a teaching company, an affiliate marketing company with

great education and training.

It is also a hosting company with very reasonable hosting fees.

It is also an affiliate marketing marketer.

Affiliate support is available 24-7.


WA has perfected the concept of how to make money online from home.

In our humble opinion, WA provides anyone a great income opportunity.

WA is set up so its members can make money online fast with

Wealthy Affiliate’s small business plan.

The Wealthy Affiliate believes making money from home should be

easy, and financially rewarding. 



With WA you’ll never experience a dearth of traffic to your website.

You’ll never experience the humbling, poor money-making experience of

building a beautiful website which no one visits.


Join this free money maker and almost immediately have a

profit-making business from home.

A note to all new and experienced affiliate marketers,

traffic is the bane of the affiliate marketer.


You must have traffic to be profitable or successful or even to just survive.

Wealthy Affiliate assists your website to get and generate quality buying traffic.

The WA marketing platform features a number of free methods that generate

free and purchased traffic to your website. 


Wealthy Affiliate has made a major contribution to our profitability!


South Chi Marketing has used WA’s tools to become more

profitable and successful



We joined this opportunity about 3 years ago.

we believed we were experienced, online marketers,

or we thought we were experienced online marketers. NOT SO!


We soon discovered that our online marketing knowledge was insufficient to

consistently make money online.


We began to quickly discover our reason(s) for our current online failures. 


WA  immediately began to teach us the secrets of how to make money from home.


Did we make money immediately?   

No, we did not. 


Our income did not increase or actually start until we had been a member

for about six months or more.


At the last count, after approximately one year, we were averaging about $4000 per month.


We have big plans to take this work from home business well beyond $20,000

per month in the next 3 to 5 years. 

The Wealthy Affiliate business model allows us to plan for that type of future income.


This is a legitimate business opportunity.

Opportunity is no scam. You’ll Discover no scam at all in this opportunity


We believe that in Wealthy Affiliate we’ve finally

found the online entrepreneur and affiliate marketer’s rare gem. because;


1. They are a complete affiliate marketing platform and company.

2.  Training is comprehensive and complete

3.  Both general and affiliate marketing are taught

4.  Great support

5.  Free Web Site–Free hosting

7.  Free Video Webinars



Become a free member.  Join free.  

Let WA give you a free membership to possibly earn a fortune. 

Take advantage of this opportunity.  

Earn big money while remaining a free member.  

This program is unique.

We are unaware of any similar online program.  

It is the best online affiliate marketing program we’ve ever discovered. 

What other online program permits its free members to remain free while

having the chance to operate and earn big money?  

What other affiliate marketing program offers complete and comprehensive training.

WA also helps it FREE and paid members to generate converting profit-making

traffic to their website.


This is the best online work at home Program–Bar None

This is the last home-based work opportunity you’ll ever need to view or join. 


For example:

     1.  All members receive free themes, domain names, web pages, and comprehensive training;

    2. All members have unlimited access to training. 

3.  All members receive security for their web pages and websites.

   4.  All members have access to money-making videos

5.  All members have access to methods for generating money and profits

   6.  There is never any need to know any page design or programming code.

   7.  Want to start your business quickly? You can with WA.

   8.  A member can have a web page up and running in less than an hour.  


The WA affiliate marketing platform at the following link builds and

designs all member’s websites.  


All members of WA receive all the necessary tools for online profitability and success.

The WA platform is an ideal setup for the new or experienced internet marketer.


We’re proud to be members of the Wealthy Affiliate community and family.


Wealthy Affiliate provides us with outstanding well thought out information,

training and money-making ideas.


Provided info is easily adaptable and easy to understand,

 WA’s literature and solid training has given our company a great education and knowledge..


The WA opportunity is 100%.     


The Program and company are dependable and engaged.

There is never a hint of a scam with this opportunity.  

Network members and WA management actively assist you in the

pursuit of profits and success.

This opportunity provides a slow way to make big money quick online.

You’ll earn, but you have to be active, patient, and work your program.









It’s beneath our dignity to tell you that you’re going to make millions and

do it overnight without working. 

That would be a bare-faced lie.

It’s a business! IT MUST BE TREATED AS SUCH.

Worked correctly, this is a sure-fire moneymaker.





This program can earn you a bushel of money, but not overnight!

And, you’re not going to get rich by doing noyhing

The WA model and program does require that you participate and work

with the opportunity   

Do this and you’ll have a 95 percent chance to earn a large

amount of money online. 


Be another WA success story.

Join Free and prosper quickly. Join free.

Have your life and your income change forever.


In the beginning, to work hard; and

maintain consistent involvement, participation, and concentration.

Try WA free today. See for yourself.  

Don’t miss out on this free money maker


Let WA setup your affiliate or direct marketing business.  

Begin to earn today.  

Have a profitable online business quickly.

WA can and will make it so.

Get your home-based business, immediately.

 Making money online has never been so easy or profitable.

Get in the zone.  Become an online success.

Join a real wealth builder.

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