How to Get Your Online Small Business Plan Started



Discover how to write business plan using an excellent small business plan format.  Our affiliate opportunity will assist you to write business plan and so much more.

Wealthy Affiliate rocks!  Introducing Wealthy Affiliate, (WA), is an affiliate marketing company and platform.

WA’s purpose and dedication are to provide an easy path for a person to participate, be active, and to achieve success.

Wealthy Affiliate is set up to help its members achieve profitability and success.

If you have attempted to have an online business, but never made a profit, or worse still, you failed. “Maybe The Pieces just didn’t fit in the box.”

The failure was probably not your fault.  Most internet small business failures are not the individual marketer’s fault.

Scam artists flood the market with their so-called earn money online from home propositions. Most are not worth the time of day.

They’re not legitimate work home businesses.

All claim they will teach you how to make money online from home.

But, the details are something else again.  Their effort to teach you how to

Their effort to teach you how to earn extra income from home falls far short of the ideal and what you were promised or even what you (many times have paid for).


The income game against you was rigged from the start.  

The individual affiliate marketer in their program was supposed to never be successful.

Thousands of scam businesses on the net are geared only to make the program operators or founders rich.

They claim they have sure-fire methods for making money online from home.

Looking a little deeper into these opportunities through our online internet marketing income research, we discovered that the majority (or about 98 percent)  of these opportunities researched are nothing but rip-offs.

The so-called Guru promoting the scam program, except for the rip-off program he or she is peddling, have not many times themselves, ever made extra income from home.

He or she was able to dream up or write a good sounding program.  We found most of the programs were shallow with no real end success and no profits.

The alleged GURU was able to evolve a myth that their program would be a path to follow to earn extra income from home.

For the majority of their followers, it just will not happen. The user of the program, as well as the program itself, are destined for failure.


There are thousands, possibly millions, of these so-called home business programs out on the net.  

Most make outlandish claims about an individual’s income potential with the program.

Many make the promise that you can get rich overnight, without working.

Most of these opportunities are geared to earn their owners everything and their Members nothing.

Their only purpose is to bilk the unsuspecting member out of as much of their hard-earned money as they can.

They earn an income, sometimes huge) from their home or office by bilking you out of your hard-earned cash in a no cash earning, worthless program.

Scant few provide any training or enough training for an individual to achieve success.

In most, hands-on support and teaching are nonexisting.  

Few are worth the time it takes to explore them. Out of this few, you’ll find very few gems. 

There are many, too numerous to count, online business opportunities cleverly designed to take your money; and, leave you broke and in a world of confusion and financial hurt.


We’re here to contribute to a large online success revolution.  We and Wealthy Affiliate want you to be successful.

A win-win situation for all involved

Our existence and success, as well as Wealthy Affiliate’s existence and success, are dependent on your success. You make money–we all make money. If you don’t make money we and Wealthy Affiliate will not make money.

Get started on a path to online business prosperity.  

Wealthy Affiliate will guide, train, and show you to make big money and how to the prosper and find a successful path to getting started online  This is a free moneymaker.


The Wealthy Affiliate will develop, instruct, host, show and train you how you can quickly have a lucrative online business income from home.

The WA Program is currently, and in the past, has created thousands of high 5 and 6-figure incomes, plus a host of millionaires.  

Be assured, in time, it can do the same for you.  Visit then join this free money making opportunity, today.


Wealthy Affiliate believes a person should be able to try their complete program before paying one red cent to join or to even work the program.

After about a year in the program, we, and many others were astonished at the progress we had achieved.

By using the WA program and marketing platform, we suddenly began to make money.  Our monthly income began to exceed the $1000 weekly plateau. 

One new experienced FREE member, after about a year in the program, had an income which exceeded $3000 weekly.

As a new FREE member, after about a year in the program was astonished at the progress he had achieved.

By using the WA program and marketing platform, he suddenly made money fast from home.

There are probably thousands of free members in Wealthy Affiliate.  

Some portion of these thousands is earning good livings with Wealthy Affiliates.

Some are even earning high 5 and 6-figure incomes.  Join Free and begin to earn today. 


The Wealthy Affiliate company encourages and wants its free and paid member both to earn money. 

Their belief and business model centers on the premise that the individual who joins as a free member, will soon, or someday become a paid member. 

There is a vast difference in the income potential and program benefits of the free and paid members. (SEE THE DIFFERENCE!)


The WA sample business plan centers on the belief that a majority of the FREE member will become endeared to the program.

They’ll begin to see WA outstanding training, support. marketing program and setup program. They will soon begin to work with the program and begin to make money.

However, they will soon realize that the free membership is somewhat constrained and limiting, in relationship to what the WA paying member receives.

They’ll also see the vast profit potential of paying members.  A paying (premium) member (in this program) can earn 5 to 6 times as much money as a free member.

WA encourages free memberships because they’re sure about and proud of their business model and opportunity.  

They really believe in the concept of WA being a free money maker for anyone willing to work their business.


They know their incomparable affiliate marketing hosting platform will allow its free members to be in profit quickly.  

Free or paid, you can be a financial success with Wealthy Affiliates.

The program is set up so just about anyone can cash in on this business at home. 

WA will provide the real training. information, and methods about how to make money online from home.

Before the founders created Wealthy Affiliate, they studied the best online business opportunities.  

They sifted the good ideas and concepts from the bad.

The good parts of the plethora of programs studied were adopted, and the bad parts that bordered on any type of scam they discarded. 

They made sure they adopted the parts of programs that lead to success and financial prosperity.

They studied also the things that prevented internet success. Out of these studies, WA adopted a real working success formula.

First, I want to digress a moment.  What, or who is Wealthy Affiliate?  Let us introduce you to a great affiliate marketing company.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has been in business for about 10 years. It has thousands of members. Some are free, but most are paying.  

Paying members see a more lucrative and quicker path to big money.

Free members, may join this free money maker and make a good income, but, their FREE membership status somewhat limits their full earning capacity.

It has thousands of members. Some are free, but most are paying.  


Whether you’re a free or paid member Wealthy Affiliate supplies the most important things for online business success.  

Without the factors below online financial success is almost impossible.  To be an online success, you have to:

         1.   Get help twenty-four seven;  2.   Have your own website; 3.  Learn regularly and continue to practice;  4.  Build an impressive quality web page and posts 5.  Get Domains, hosting and access: 6. Easy access to appropriate marketing information and tools;  7. Teaching programs, and etc.

WA has many other methods of providing help.  

If you get stuck on any part of setting up or running your business, WA provides you with complete help and support.  

The WA platform builds your website. WA uses the Web press platform. See program.


Most online marketers spend a world’s worth of frustration and time wasted attempting to build a website.

They realize, no professional website, probably means no online business or success. 

Wealthy Affiliate has solved this major problem. WA through its Rubrix web page and post builder will very quickly build your website.  

The Rubrix program has made building a website easy and fun..

Both free and paid members can have their website up and running minutes after they sign up.

WA helps build you a beautiful classic website easily and quickly.  

You can build a high-quality website in way less time than an hour’s time.

Maybe in less than 10 minutes. Be up and running almost immediately.

If building a great website has been a problem in the past, fret no more. Wealthy Affiliate has the answer.

WA helps you build functional and impressive web pages.

WA makes sure you never have to venture online without a professional website. In fact,  its paid member can have an unlimited number of websites and up 25 operating domains.


To be successful you must train and learn.  In this regard, WA provides a host of training modules and videos.  

All place an emphasis on training the participant to be financially successful, and make big money from home. All are easy to master. See the Platform.

WA wants you to be properly trained.  So well trained that running your online business becomes second nature.

You’ll become like a well trained and conditioned athlete. You’ll be able to execute fast and naturally without having to ponder your next move.


Get rolling. This is what you’re going to receive as a Free member

*   Ability to get help from WA very quickly

 *  Help within a community of 10,000’s of users

*   Live Chat support

*   Free Webinars

*   Ongoing topical discussions

  Video classes and videos


  Marketing Courses

Embedding Tools

*  Comprehensive training

*  Beautiful Themes and web pages

*  Fast and Impressive Support

 * Reliable and viable FREE hosting


Join this exciting offer today. For zero dollars paid now, or never, you can earn a large income.

Everything is provided for your success. Currently, no credit card is ever needed, unless you want to use it.

Earn big money in this absolutely free money maker.  Join FREE, but remember a premium member can earn as much as 6 times the income of a free member. 

Almost all the long-term paid members’ incomes exceed the upper middle class income standard.

This is a legitimate business opportunity and it certainly is not a scam operation or business opportunity.

We don’t believe there is a comparable money making program on the internet. This is best program we’ve discovered. The best without a doubt.

Yes, you heard right–join Free. Earn big money in a free status for ever. 

Don’t miss out on this fantastic money making program.  Earn extra income from home.

The opportunity to earn money while being a free member could be withdrawn at any time. Visit today. Join now. Don’t pass on this one, you’ll be sorry if you do.  

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