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If you have attempted to have an online business, but never made a profit, or worse still, you failed.

“Maybe The Pieces just didn’t fit in the box.”

The failure was probably not your fault.  

Most internet small business failures are not the individual marketer’s fault.

 They become involved with online Scam artists (self-labeled GURUs).

These scammers flood the market with their so-called earn money online from home propositions.

Most are not worth the time of day.

They’re not legitimate work at home businesses.

All claim they will teach you how to make money online from home.

But, the details are something else again.  

Their effort to teach you how to earn extra income from home falls far short.

You never receive the material or information you need become successful online.

 You never saw what you were promised or in most cases and what you were promised even what you (many times have paid for).




The income game was rigged against you from the start.  

The individual in these scam online business programs was never intended to become successful.

The program was designed to make only the founder or promotor money.

 For all or the majority of their followers, it just will not happen.

The user of the program, as well as the program itself, are destined for failure.


Let us tell this true story about an online marketer who after failing made big bucks.


Bill was a sharp guy with a high intellect


Let call this marketer Bill.  Bill  had an MBA  in advertising and marketing

from one of the most prestigious Ivy League Universities.

Bill who probably could have been successful on Madison Avenue, chose to work for his country.

Bill began his Federal career at the age of 25 at the Department of Commerce.

Bill who was extremely bright quickly rose through the ranks.


When Bill was only forty Bill was promoted into the Senior Executive Service

(SES) at Commerce.  He again rose through the SES ranks fast reaching a level 6 Senior Executive

and became a Bureau Chief at Commerce.


Bill knew and practiced conventional advertising and marketing


One main responsibility and task of the Bureau that Bill supervised at Commerce was to study

and shape marketing improvement and initiatives in the private sector.


Bill’s background and profile revealed he was well qualified in the fields of advertising and marketing.

Bill who had reached the highest level he could as a career Federal worker believed that unless

he received a political appointment his career had plateaued.  That did not look like it was going to happen


Bill Retired As A Relatively Young Man


Bill retired from the Federal Government at the age of 55.

Bill had accumulated a deep understanding of computers while working at Commerce.

Bill thought that with his knowledge of advertising, marketing and computers

it would be a snap for him to make money online

He believed that he could start a second  successful career online as a marketer


Bill sat up his marketing business from home


Bill’s Online Marketing Efforts Were Mostly Failures


Bill sat up his shop from his home.  Bill read all the books and attended many seminars and meetings.

Bill to get a quick start also paid GURUs expensive consulting and online training fees  

He also joined or subscribed to a plethora of expensive upselling online business opportunities.

Despite this expense and effort, Bill had to finally admit to himself that nothing he was doing paid off.

He was just running in one rabbit hole after another.

In the process, he was losing energy, spirit, and money


Bill (A sharp cookie Intellectually) Is losing Gobs of Money Online                                                                              


After literally wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours, Bill discovered

that many or just about all the alleged online Gurus had hidden agendas or were interested

in only padding their bank accounts.

He determined also that many of the opportunities to which he had subscribed meant well

but were worthless or the program did not work.


Too many Scam Gurus And Worthless Money Making Opportunities  Online.


Bill discovered hundreds of the other programs that were nothing but outright scams.

Some online programs were would or could work as long as you purchased upsells to the proper level,

sometimes totaling thousands of dollars. 


Other programs, while not being an outright scam, were not well designed to deliver any money making benefits.


Bill who was an alleged advertising and marketing expert was stymied.


He knew he knew the field.  After all, he did have an MBA in advertising and marketing from an Ivy League school.

But Bill began to realize that successful marketing online was a different kind of Beast.

His studies going back  30 years ago were obsolete.

The internet required a whole different skill set.


Bill’s Money Losses Began to Pileup And His Confidence Plummeted


Bill was losing buckets of money and he became totally disillusioned and frustrated.

Bill now believed that either he didn’t have what it took or there was any real money making programs online.


Bill Gave Up And Quit Trying To Make Money Online


He quit trying to make money marketing online.

After about 6 months Bill while browsing the net just for amusement googled Marketing.

A number of marketing firms and opportunities as expected came into focus.

 Most of these Bill was aware of.

Many had bilked him out of his hard-earned money.


Bill Discovered A New Shining Rainbow


Bill saw one opportunity to which he was not familiar.  

He clicked the link to this opportunity.

He was taken to a review of a site labeled  Wealthy Affiliate.

This particular site spoke of a Free membership.

Opportunity said a FREE member could join free, stay free and earn money online without ever presenting any form of payment.

Bill closed the site at first.

He believed that just like the others it was nothing but another scam or worthless business opportunity.

However, back in Bill’s mind he still wanted to make money online.

Some time passed but Bill remembered The Wealthy Affiliate program and its profiling of a FREE membership.


Bill Reviewed The Wealthy Affiliate Opportunity With A New Focus


Bill, who had lost his shirt trying to make money online, at first was reluctant to look at this opportunity.

But his desire to make money online overcame his reluctance.

Bill began to explore the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity.  He especially looked for any scam in the program.

He found none.

On the surface and in hours of research, Bill could not find many weaknesses in the program.

The program appeared to perform as specified.

There were very few if any online or offline complaints about the opportunity.   

He discovered that this program had made thousands of marketers not rich but wealthy.

Many of these marketers after a time became annual six-figure earners.  

To make money in this program Bill’s discovered that an individual was required to get involved, participate and be patient.

He  appraised the program and discovered that this program was legitimate and actually could earn money online

He thought to himself what can I lose, the reviewer stated that the program had a free membership.


After A Thorough Review, Bill skeptically Joined The Wealthy Affiliate


After exploring this opportunity for about a month, Bill joined Wealthy Affiliate.  

His expectations for making money were not very high.  Bill was wrong.


Wealthy Affiliate increased Bill’s online Income…It Can Do The Same For You!


Using the WA program and marketing platform, Bill suddenly began to make money.  

After about 6 months in the program, Bill’s monthly income began to exceed $1000 monthly.

Buoyed by this first-time success Bill began to apply more effort.  


After about a year in the program, Bill was astonished at the progress he had achieved.


His income using the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity averaged or sometimes exceeded $4,000 monthly.

The above story was presented not just for amusement but to show all online would be marketers that

knowledge and intellect alone will not bring success online.

The main character in this story (the name is not Bill) had everything needed for traditional marketing success,

but it was inadequate for online marketing.

He was a total marketing failure online until he joined a program with a comprehensive small business plan.


In the Wealthy Affiliate, Bill discovered a system that is a proven system.

This system finally showed him how to make money online

He discovered how to make money without having to spend money.

With the Wealthy Affiliate proven money making system Bill was taught how to

make money without spending much money


Wealthy Affiliate’s focus is on waking up the financial genius inside its members.

It shows them that making money online is a lot easier than people think.



After studying the few good online money-making opportunities Wealthy Affiliate came forward as one of the great affiliate marketing companies.

It is known for using a proven system which shows it affiliate marketers how to earn money online fast and free.




We’ve been marketing online for about 7 years.  we’ve bee in profits for the last 5 years.

We have experienced our share of online businesses opportunities that earned nothing.

These programs did nothing but line the program operator’s pockets with cash. 

Our research revealed Thousands of scam business opportunities on the net.

These opportunities are geared only to make the program operators or founders rich.




Avoid the Scam Gurus and worthless opportunities.

Most online Gurus claims they have sure-fire methods for making money online from home.

We discovered that the majority (about 95 percent)  of these opportunities are nothing but rip-offs.




Let us introduce you to a great affiliate marketing company.

Wealthy Affiliate rocks!  Wealthy Affiliate, (WA), is an affiliate marketing company and platform.

Its purpose and dedication are to provide an easy path for a person to participate, be active, and to achieve success.

Wealthy Affiliate is set up to help its members achieve profitability and success.

Wealthy Affiliate, in our opinion, is one of the top-ten affiliate marketing companies




Wealthy Affiliate will show you a path to online business prosperity.  

Wealthy Affiliate will guide, train, and show you how to write a startup business plan that makes money.

 WA will give you methods that allow you to find a successful path to getting started online.                                

Provides affiliate training that’ll lead to prosperity and success.



Discover Wealthy Affiliate and easily teach yourself how to make money online without spending money


Wealthy Affiliate supplies the most important tools, like those listed below, for online business success  

To be an online success, you have to: 

         1.   Get help twenty-four-seven;  

         2.  Have your own website; 

        3.  Learn regularly and continue to practice;  

         4.  Build an impressive quality web page and posts

          5.  Get Domains, hosting and access: 

          6. Easy access to appropriate marketing information and tools;  

           7. Teaching programs, and etc.




Write your startup business plan, Get started on a path to online business prosperity.   

The Wealthy Affiliate will develop, instruct, host, show and train you to quickly have a lucrative online business income from home.




Before the founders created Wealthy Affiliate, they studied the best online business opportunities.  


They sifted the good business ideas and concepts from the bad.

The good parts of the plethora of programs studied were adopted.

The bad parts that bordered on any type of scam were discarded. 

They adopted the parts of programs that lead to success and financial prosperity.

They studied also the things that prevented internet success.


Out of these studies, WA adopted a real working success formula



WA welcomes newbies ONLINE who know nothing about starting a small business.

Wealthy Affiliate provides newbies with second to none affiliate training and tools.

It has thousands of members. Some are free, but most are paying.




Get started on a path to online business prosperity FREE 


Get rolling!  Seize the benefits below as a PAID or Free member

*   Ability to get help from WA very quickly

 *  Help within a community of 10,000’s of users

*   Live Chat support

*   Free Webinars

*   Ongoing topical discussions

  Video classes and videos


  Marketing Courses

Embedding Tools

*  Comprehensive training

*  Beautiful Themes and web pages

*  Fast and Impressive Support

 * Reliable and viable FREE hosting



There are thousands of free members in Wealthy Affiliate.  

A large portion of these thousands is earning good livings with Wealthy Affiliate.

Some are even earning high 5 and 6-figure incomes.  JOIN Free and begin to earn today. 


The Wealthy Affiliate encourages its free and paid member both to earn money. 

Being honest (as expected) there’s a difference in the income potential and program benefits of the free and paid members.


(Explore the difference)


Wealthy Affiliate supplies the most important tools and training for online business success.  


Get started on a path to online business prosperity.  



The WA program is set up so just about anyone can cash in on its business at home formula.  


WA provides the real training. information, and methods necessary to make money online from home.

The WA Program is currently, and in the past, has created thousands of high 5 and 6-figure incomes, plus a host of high earners.

Be assured, in time, it can do the same for you.  Visit then join this free money making opportunity, today.


A win-win situation for all involved


Our existence and success, as well as Wealthy Affiliate’s existence and success, are dependent on your success.

You make money–we all make money. If you don’t make money we and Wealthy Affiliate will not make money.



In this regard, WA provides a host of training modules and videos.  

All place an emphasis on training the participant to be financially successful.

All emphasize making big money from home. All are easy to master. See the Platform.

WA properly trains its member.  

Member’s become so well trained that running their online businesses becomes second nature.

You’ll become like a well trained and conditioned athlete.

You’ll be able to execute fast and naturally without having to ponder your next move.



Join this exciting business opportunity today.

For zero dollars paid now, or never, you can earn a large income.

Wealthy Affiliate provides everything needed for your success.

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Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate money-making business opportunity.

It certainly is not a scam operation or worthless business opportunity.

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