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I want to tell a little bit of the story of my life.  After retiring from the Federal Government, I started a second career. 

I became a salesman for about 3 years. I began to sell automobiles. 

This particular dealership required suit and tie.

After 32 years of Government service where I was expected to wear a suit and tie, I longed for a better way to dress for work  

Besides, I was not making enough money as a car salesman to justify the cost or the effort.

I was not cut out to be a car salesman.  In fact, I stunk.
much for granted. They assumed that I knew more than I did.  


I began to explore a number of online get rich schemes.  


Most of which were just scams.


They took my money and failed to deliver what they promised. 


I lost a great deal of money.


I then tried the affiliate marketing business.


I found that to be successful, you had to either already know

or quickly learn a lot. I searched and I searched, BUT,


I could not find the comprehensive affiliate or direct marketing training I

desired or needed.


Most of the affiliate marketing platforms I researched or visited, while probably legitimate, took to


Therefore, their sample business plan did not work for me.


With these platforms, I was literally like a chicken with his head cut-off. 

I truly did not know what to use or how to proceed with their mostly incomplete assistance,

website hosting, training and information support.


The owners or operators (while most were well meaning) assumed that all affiliate and

online marketers were experienced and skilled about all the in’s and out’s of the Internet and computers.


Having been in management with the Federal Government, all I knew (basically) was how to operate a computer.


I knew very little about online terminology, or anything else needed to make money

and be a successful affiliate marketer.


The affiliate marketing platforms, I joined just wanted sign-ups. 


They cared precious little about providing any training for your role or success as an affiliate marketer. 


The situation became so bad that I quit trying altogether. I quit for about 1 year.



When I came back I came back with strong determination.

I began to fiercely study affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing companies.

I now had enough sense to investigate before investing my hard-earned cash.


I now have redeemed myself.


I found Wealthy Affiliate.


The best affiliate marketing company and platform on the net.


I’m now the President and CEO of South Chi Marketing. I believe I’m affiliated with the best

darn affiliate marketing  and business platform on the Net.


This post for those who are involved in marketing or affiliate

marketing and is money-making clueless like I once was.


This is for those who want to make money or even get rich but the don’t know enough about

marketing or the web to be successful. 


They find the terminology foreign and strange.


Just building a quality website can be very frustrating and problematic.


The reasons I just mentioned are the reasons for the joy brought on by my discovery of the

Wealthy Affiliate complete marketing or affiliate marketing platform and training.


This post begins with the basic terminology you need to operate your computer for business or for pleasure.


We begin with training about the basic Internet terms and definitions.


However, even though I want you to read our blogs in the future, the terms I’m discussing

are discussed completely and thoroughly at Wealthy Affiliate affiliate platform.


They have hundreds of both new and old computer terms.


They also have everything else you need for online affiliate marketing success.


We now have had a presence on the Internet for about 7 years.


In the beginning, our approach was sometimes like a stab in the dark.


Web masters and other individuals, many times, more than we would ever care to mention,

used web language that was new or was foreign to us the user.


Many times this caused us to approach our next online browse or web page improvement

project somewhat in the dark.


We often began without a clear definition of what was the web word used.

And even worse,  we had to wonder what is the meaning of the word and how does this word

or language apply to me, my website, or web presence. 


Not knowing the meaning of the basic Internet terms and definitions can be a hindrance, as we found out, to online success.


Online newcomers are sometimes mesmerized, baffled, and confused by terms that are extremely familiar to expert web users.

But, these same words to the newbies or forgetful oldie bring lapses in memory and knowledge.

It took years for us to masters the hundred of terms needed for internet success.

Without knowledge of key Internet terms, the new and even experienced marketers are at

a disadvantage working in their home businesses.


These technical terms will certainly confuse the new user and still play havoc with the memory of some of the experienced work at home business marketers pursuing a work at home Internet business.


Below are the basic terms you need to know and

understand to be successful involving marketing or even using the Internet.



AUTORESPONDER: An email robot that sends replies automatically without human intervention.

An extremely important tool for conducting online commerce.

BACKBONE: The primary Wide-Area-Net (WAN) of the Internet.

BROWSER: A program or an App that allows a person to access and read hypertext documents on

the World Wide Web (WWW).

CGI SCRIPTS: Programs that perform certain functions in connection with HTML documents.

For example, a common CGI script is a counter or a tracker which keeps track of the number

of people who access or visits a website.

DOWNLOAD: Transferring any kind of file from one computer to another computer.

EMAIL: Electronic Mail. Contains messages sent by one Internet user to another Internet user.

FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL (FTP): An Internet method of communication that allows the

transfer of a computer file from one computer to another computer.

GATEWAY: A method that provides access to the Internet.

GOPHER: An internet tool that searches and retrieves specific documents based on

specifications given by the user.

HELPER: A program that works together with your browser.

These are such things as audio files which need a media player to function correctly.


HOME PAGE: This is the primary HTML page on a website.

It’s the first page of any well-constructed website.


HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE: This is the primary language in which wide web documents are created.

HYPERTEXT: A normal hypertext document will contain references to other documents spread throughout

a web page. When this hypertext reference is clicked on a different document will normally appear.

INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER: (ISP) is the company you call or use to gain access to the World Wide Web


INTERNET RELAY CHAT: (IRC) A section of the Internet that lets users enter a room and talk to others in the room by a computer keyboard. 

Portion of the Internet which lets users enter a room and communicate with others in the room from the keyboard.


JAVA:  A programming language developed by Sun Microsystems for developing software applications that work over the Internet.

Your browser must be compatible with Java for it to work properly.


LOCAL AREA NETWORK (LAN):  A number of computers linked together in a central location,

such as for a business or government organization.


MULTIPURPOSE INTERNET MAIL EXTENSIONS (MIME):  Tool that allows email message to contain non-text data, such as audio and video files.

MODEMS    Modulator/Demodulator, a card that lets a computer connect to the phone line and communicate with other computers.

MOSAIC:  One of the first browsers. Developed at the University of Illinois. Probably now known as Firefox.


POINT TO POINT: (PPP)  Method is faster than Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP).

This method of communicating sends TCP/IP information across a line that is attached directly to the Internet.


PROTOCOL:  A method or language of communication.


SEARCH DATABASE:   An “Address Book” for the world wide web. Examples are Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others.

You go to their search window type in the topic you’re interested in and the search engine will provide locations

for that particular topic.

SERVER:  The computer hardware that stores your web page, and sends and receives information throughout

World Wide Web (WWW).  This hardware is administered and maintained by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

SHOCKWAVEA helper which allows animations and interactive programs to be embedded into HTML pages.

SIG: Your signature at the end of an email or .usenet posting. Can also contain a brief introduction of a person or a business.

SLIP:   Explained under point-to-point (PPP) protocol.

SPAM:  Unwanted and not requested “junk” mail.  It is against the law to spam any email address.


TCP/IP:  Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. Software that allows computers to

communicate on the Internet.

TELNET  Method of remotely “logging on” to a computer system across the net, as if one computer

and another were directly connected.


UPLOAD:  Transferring a file from one computer to another computer.

URL:   Uniform Resource Locator (URL)  also now known as a domain name.

This is simply the site address of a website or web page. Sample Example:  http://www.domain. com or

it can have another . net: .org; or some other ending. Some may be private.

USENET   A section of the Internet divided up into newsgroups of individual special interest bulletin boards.

Used mostly for information sharing.


VRML  Virtual Reality Markup Language.  A replacement language for HTML.


WEBMASTERA person responsible at your ISP who is responsible for administering and maintaining the server.

WEBSITE:  A collection of HTML pages.

WIDE AREA NETWORK(WAN):   A bunch of large computers linked together over a long distance by

phone or wireless communications.

WORLD WIDE WEB:  A section of the Internet containing pages of information, including text, video,

photographs, and audio. 

To access the web you need a browser.


This concludes our little foray into defining some common computer and Internet terms.


Many of these terms may sound antiquated and should be common knowledge to most computer users.


But how many computer users really know the meaning and functions of these acronyms, definitions, or terms.  

If they were given an examination about them, many will not get a passing grade of  70% or more.


Even though most will know the most common acronyms. 

There are some who don’t know the real meaning of the terms anymore. 

This post was not meant for the old computer user but for the online business seekers

who may be new. 

These terms will be needed for people who are building their first online business website

and are wishing for a successful online business.


The material in this post is appropriate for the new user but if they join this top online business

at the Wealthy Affiliate website and platform knowledge of the terms in this post while helpful,

will not be necessary. (Visit Wealthy Affiliate…click on banner at the top of this page)


Online business seekers will have everything provided for them. 

Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership. 

Free members can earn income while remaining a free member. 


Make money in this free money maker

Join as a free member,  Earn big money.


Never have to use a credit card unless you desire to. 


Join free today. It’ll cost you nothing.

We welcome any and all comments to this post. If you have any questions about this post or its content, send us a message at











Bobby Williams is the founder and CEO of South Chi Marketing, Inc. He and his company have been marketing online for about 7 years. Mr. Williams, a retired Federal employee, has both bachelor and masters degrees in human resources management. South Chi Marketing is striving to live up to its motto, "complete honesty in all our business transactions".

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