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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

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Review of the Wealthy Affiliate’s (WA) Free Business Plan


Below is our critical review of what we believe to be a complete business plan.  


We came to the conclusion, after a comprehensive review of the Wealthy Affiliate, WA, hosting, business

opportunity and small business plan, you can definitely make money with

this program.


We strongly believe that the wealthy affiliate platform and small business

program has the know-how, training materials and teaching skills that can

be used by any motivated individual to make money on the Internet.


This opportunity appears well suited for the thousands of people who have the priceless gift

 to make money, but never do because of a lack of knowledge or funds.


If your present income embarrasses you, we are presenting you absolutely FREE with a

fascinating, money-making, hosting, internet training and marketing income opportunity.


Below is what we discovered about this opportunity and their free business plan:


The Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform and hosting company.


It has been in business for about 12 years.


It was founded by two young, honest, and very bright guys who in their organization preamble

established as one of their goals to provide total assistance, training, and support  to anyone who

is willing to learn and put forth the proper effort, in an iron-clad chance to make money online.


Wealthy Affiliate Appears to have a Sound Organizational and Financial History


Our search did not reveal any financial or organizational problems associated with the

Wealthy Affiliate hosting and marketing company.


The organization appears to be financially sound, well organized, and ready to assist members in

achieving success.


There does not appear to be any current or potential financial problems that would cause a change

in their honesty or integrity, or affect their continued online existence or financial health.


The Company has extremely good relationships with its members and marketing partners.


We could find no history of this company ever engaging in below the surface or scam type of behavior online.  


In addition, this online company appears to be well-respected, has a good brand name, and an admirable reputation.


The wealthy affiliate has only three levels of membership.


One is Free and one is paid and the other level called the ambassador level has to be earned

by the WA member contributing to the Wealthy Affiliate community.


Since it takes time and organizational performance to reach the ambassador level, in this post we’ll only discuss;

The Free level and the paid premium level.

The Free level called the starter package is absolutely Free, never any need to use a credit card

or any other form of payment for the starter package.


The paid level is called a Premium membership.

You can join at this level at any time you desire.

At this level, there is a membership fee.

The fee can be paid monthly or annually.


Wealthy Affiliate Itself Has a Very Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Plan.


Each person joining the Wealthy Affiliate Business Opportunity is welcome to

join as a free or paid member.




This really caught our eye, this organization claimed it has a completely free membership. 


It plainly advertises and promotes the concept that their members can join free and make

money while remaining a free member.


We thought this to be unusual.


There are many working home business opportunities that will allow a person to join Free.


But, there are scant few (none that we could find) that allowed the FREE member to actually

make money while remaining a free member.


The free member in WA currently has no limit to how long he/she can remain a free member.

It appears the Wealthy Affiliate free membership is currently indefinite.


The Free member can have profitable work home business success without the FREE member

ever having to show a credit card, or pay to become a paying member. 


The free member can upgrade anytime to the premium level.  


But, it’s always the member’s choice.


WA never pressures any member to purchase a premium membership


But the WA appears to have a Vested Interest in Member Success.


When you make money they do also, and just the opposite is true also, if you don’t

make money then neither does Wealthy Affiliate.


In fact, their income and existence depend on their affiliates earning money

and being successful.


They have a lucrative affiliate payout for their members, free and paid. 


The beauty behind this membership payout is that the payout

for your membership recruiting efforts is recurring.


That’s right,  you recruit a person once and you receive a monthly or an annual

payout for this member for as long as this premium member remains active and

retains its Wealthy Affiliate membership.


 The WA affiliate plan pays about $10 monthly for all premium members who

maintain their premium membership on a monthly basis.


  But, for those members who have an annual premium membership, the affiliate

payout is almost 50 percent annually in a lump sum payout. 


  Our check of this opportunity revealed that all WA affiliates are paid

  what’s owed them and are paid on time. 


 The Wealthy Affiliate’s ultimate financial life is dependent on its members,

  so it has put forth maximum effort to make all their members profitable and successful.




In our initial investigation of this company, we observed them first hand, next, we analyzed

their business model and successes.


We found positive and strong support among its members and from some others online about the


honesty, integrity, and truthfulness of this online money-making opportunity.  


We finally came up with our own evaluation and a review of this company’s claims or boasts about itself.


Here is our initial opinion of the Wealthy Affiliate online business opportunity:


The Wealthy Affiliate is a company which appears to live up to its promises, 

it also offers the kind of on-hand assistance, training, and support needed for the

success of almost anyone and could positively lead to big successes for it members.




However, in keeping with our philosophy of conducting a thorough investigation

and reporting all the pros and cons of any small business plan we promote, we

conducted a complete investigation of the wealthy affiliate business plan and





The company states they don’t care what an individual’s online experience level has been or has

not been, the company claims it can teach anyone the art of making money online from home.


They stake their reputation on the belief that they can get anyone ready and able to make money

online, and do it quickly.


The Wealthy Affiliate further mentions that is has a large number of free and paid members who have

piled up large incomes using the Wealthy Affiliate small business plan.


They further stated that most, if not all,  the members discussed above,

like many of you, had no online marketing experience or a lot of money

                                                                                   when they began their online businesses using Wealthy Affiliate


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We discovered that true to its words, many Wealthy Affiliate members who are

now income high-rollers began their online business with little funds or knowledge.


Take our company, for example, We had attempted to make money online for years but

had little experience no success, and a shrinking bank account.


By surfing accident I discovered the WA business opportunity plan.


Having failed online and having being ripped off by so many alleged no-fail business opportunities,

I was really skeptical of the Wealthy Affiliate small business plan.


After lurking around the WA opportunity for a month or more, I became emboldened.


I was broke and frustrated and their FREE membership sounded like a good idea.


I thought to myself, what do I have to lose, the opportunity is free, so I joined reluctantly.


To my surprise this company’s membership approach was different.


Instead of attempting to upsell me additional product or services, there was no up selling at all,

instead, I was welcomed and quickly made to feel like I belonged.


The Wealthy Affiliate  helped me set up my website, they gave me free domains,

themes, SEO, and web pages support to get me up and running.


It took all of an hour to get me up and running.

That’s correct, Wealthy Affiliate had my online business up and running in about an hour.


It can do the same for anyone who is interested in a profitable online business.


With all the help and support provided to us by the Wealthy Affiliate; we began

to think to ourselves when is the other shoe going to drop, when are they going to

demand my credit card information?


Three years later, that demand had never taken place.


Through WA assistance and training, I was able to quickly progress.


Through their plethora of training, we were able to train ourselves to use and practice the right

and avoid the wrong online marketing methods


We also used the many WA little pointers, like choosing the proper niche, keyword

analysis, and affiliate selection to begin to get successful and make profits.


Our online monetary success is not a stranger to the Wealthy Affiliate small business plan:


They stake their brand and reputation on the belief that they can get anyone ready and able

to make money online, and do it quickly.


They believe, and so do we, that anyone wanting to make money can use

the Wealthy Affiliate business model to be successful in that pursuit.


The company boasts of its free easy membership setup.


Wealthy Affiliate boasts that it can have any business opportunity set up, online

and ready in less than 2 hours.


The Wealthy Affiliate brags it can do this by:

  1. Helping and building a Free member’s Free website in less than one hour;
  2. Providing Free domains and website hosting;
  3. Web site publishing; and FREE SEO help
  4. Website and individual training;
  5. Comprehensive company and membership training.


In this company’s expressed view, a member’s failure is never an option.  


The company is convinced it can train and make successful, the inexperienced as well

as the more experienced online marketer.


The firm stakes its reputation on its success to failure ratio.

This ratio reveals that if the affiliate or marketer applies the time and effort,

the Wealthy Affiliate can make anyone become successful and earn extra income from home.


An Examination Of The Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Membership plan


The free member in WA currently has no limit to how long he/she can remain a free member.

It appears the Wealthy Affiliate free membership is indefinite.


The Free member can have profitable work from home business success without the FREE member

ever having to show a credit card, or pay to become a paying member. 


The company speaks with pride about its large numbers of FREE members who were given

legitimate work home businesses and the large numbers of free members who quickly amassed

a high 5, or six-figure incomes while remaining free members.


The company speaks with pride about how they can take a free member with

no earnings to a situation where the FREE member can earn a large

extra online income from home.



Wealthy Affiliate’s Membership Benefits


It constantly advertises about it Rubrix’s web builder’s speed and ability to produce a

beautifully functional website quickly.


True to its advertisement, WA’s Rubrix website builder is functional and does what the

WA advertisement states, It builds beautiful and functional web sites quickly.


We researched and studied many make money from home  

opportunities, as well as this one.


Of the hundreds we examined and evaluated we have determined, that the WA company

platform does have a lot of free training materials and assistance. 


We also discovered no illegitimate complaint(s) about the WA opportunity nowhere.

It appears to have a community of happy and satisfied members.  


We would venture to say if you’re able to listen to and view the hundreds of training videos and other

teaching materials Wealthy Affiliate has in its library about general marketing and

affiliate marketing, you’d probably have the equivalent to an online bachelor degree in marketing.


The company in addition to an extremely large number of teaching videos also has a plethora

of other training materials.


In these materials, you also receive complete training about, and how to operate, the Word Press platform.


Wealthy Affiliate offers training materials about every conceivable thing and subject related to

online affiliate marketing, or online marketing in general.


There’s so much training available, you must see it for yourself.


Click the WA link above and see all that WA has to offer you. 




Having been scammed online and having run across countless scam operations claiming to

perform as well as this company said it would,  skeptically we moved forward with this Free

opportunity, but we also continued our investigation of Wealthy Affiliate.


Our investigation was performed over a 6-month period.


The WA business plan, platform, hosting, SEO help, traffic generation as well as all aspects of this company,

were investigated to determine the complete adequacy of their claims.


Facts discovered about Wealthy Affiliate, (who also uses Acronym WA):



WA has two membership levels. 


It appears that the free member initially has access to just about

everything that a paid member has.


But, there are some major differences.  


See the website for the differences.


A free member can seemingly operate free forever.

Free members can and do earn money with the Wealthy Affiliate.  


Nevertheless, their earnings are quite a bit lower when compared to

the WA paid members. 


Our review determined that a WA Free member will never make a $million

annually as a free member.


Here we place a caveat, there are hundreds of  Wealthy Affiliate

free members making annual six-figure incomes


Free members have access to most of the training modules and videos.


They are, however, limited to only a certain number of free themes and domain names.


The only paid level in this WA program is called the Premium Level.  


The premium level, as far as we could determine, is the first and the only paid level in WA.


At this level,  paid members are charged a monthly fee of about $47.00 per month, however, those

members choosing an annual fee the fee is considerably reduced.  


Is the Wealthy Affiliate premium program worth $47.00 a month? 


After conducting an evaluative study, we arrived at the cost versus

benefit analysis part of our study.


Analysis of  Benefits versus the Cost of Membership


We looked at this paid membership fee versus the benefits offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

The paid member in Wealthy Affiliate receive:

   1.  Free hosting

   2.  Free web site development

   3.  Free Web Development Tools

   4.  Free Word Press Platform

    5. Comprehensive Training

    6.  25 Web Sites & 25 Domains

    7.  Complete Support and Information

     8.  A cadre of Community and Members Assistance

     9.  Promotional and Traffic Generation Assistance

    10. Opportunity to become an Affiliate Marketer for Wealthy Affiliate.

     11. Receive up to 50% Commission on all  Recruited Wealthy Affiliate Join-ups.

     12. Free Themes and SEO




After our evaluation and investigation of this company’s free and paid membership’s offer, we

concluded that there is no question that the WA free membership level is a fantastic value. 


A Free online membership that allows the free member to earn an income is

almost non-existing online. 


Very few, or maybe no other, online programs, allows it, free members, to earn an income.


Also, none, that we’re aware of, allows it free members to remain free for the duration of

their membership, no matter how long.


We believe we have evaluated WA’s free membership status fairly!


Now do the benefits at the WA premium level justify the $47.00 a month price?


After a careful appraisal of the WA website, platform, opportunity and company, we do believe the

value of the benefits that Wealthy Affiliate provides to its paid members far exceed the monthly

hosting  and membership fee charged by the Wealthy Affiliate.


This a great package for the monthly price.


To make this offer more exciting, WA’s annual fee is normally discounted to

around $360.00, if the paid member joins the premium program on an annual basis.          


We believe this to be a fantastic opportunity for any person who is seriously looking

for a real cash earning online business.


This person must be willing to work consistently in the beginning to develop his

business and his/her websites. 


An individual should also be ready and able to learn marketing and affiliate marketing

techniques, taught by real marketing experts.


These experts who’ve earned big bucks ( some in the 7-figure range, all earned while

working off the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 


Our research showed these extremely skilled members are consistent annual 6 figure, or more,

dollars earners.


Some are millionaire earners and millionaires.


They know what they’re talking about.


If this was a brick and mortar business opportunity, it would probably cost $$$thousands and

it would not be half as failure proof, complete, or comprehensive as the WA opportunity.


We know this for a fact having once been a franchisee.


At $47.00 per month or $564.00 annually, the WA  opportunity might appears fairly expensive.


But, looking at what you receive and what else is out there, WA membership is in fact, a real steal.


Most of our investigated online hosting and affiliate programs that had paid

memberships, and almost all did, their membership costs more than twice as much

as WA’s monthly fee for its Premium Membership. 



Our research has shown that few online programs, most charging, twice as much as the Paid

Wealthy membership fee offer only about or less than half the benefits that WA provides its

paid membership.


Besides, If you join as a premium member on an annual membership basis, the Fee is reduced to

about $360.00.


The WA membership is worth a lot more than what it costs.


Ask yourself where can you have a complete business up, running, and earning you a potential

large monthly and annual profit for less than $400.00 a year.


Offline businesses with about 10 percent of the profit potential that this opportunity

presents would cost in the thousands.


WA gives its members everything they need to be successful.


This keeps with the WA philosophy of wanting all its members to taste success.


The free membership is an invitation to try before buying.


Wealthy Affiliate is sure of itself, they want the member to try the opportunity

before they make any long-term financial commitment(s). 


WA has another earned level called the Ambassador level.


The program does not appear to allow the purchase of the Ambassador level status.


This level currently has to be earned.


Founders and Owners Of Wealthy Affiliate(WA)


This web company and its platform is owned and administered by its founders Lyle and Carson.


These two young entrepreneurs will bend over backward to bring you money and success.




Our research revealed what we believe is the proper ranking of this website, its platform, and the WA company. 


From an evaluative sense, we were amazed.


How can this program with so much moxie and comprehension have free members? 


How can they afford it?


Not an easy question to answer.


Whether FREE or paid, Wealthy Affiliate’s existence and profitability are dependent on having

its paid and free members make money online.




We evaluated the program regarding its ability to earn a person an income. 


This program is a legit work from home business.


The program will train and motivate a person to the crucial methods and techniques

required to know how to make money online from home. 


Wealthy Affiliate has large numbers of paid and FREE members earning big incomes.

Many are in the $$$million plus range. 


Our income research showed us that very few if any, Free members, are going to make

an annual income of a million dollars or more.


Our research, however, did show that they can easily earn a good living working from home.


The consistent, steady and skilled FREE member marketer could more than likely have an

earning ceiling of a high 5 or low 6 figure annual income.


In our opinion, this appears to be a no-fail program.  


The program, however, does require work, involvement and active participation.


This is no getting rich overnight program.


To make money in this program will probably take a little time.  


With the right work edict, profit and success will be achieved quickly.




Where there are positives there will be some negatives.


What are some of the bad points, if any, regarding the WA platform, program, and company?


The one big negative we discovered is actually positive.  


WA offers so much training ideally it is somewhat confusing where to begin.


For example, there are two training modules that take you through the must learn,

know and implement 10 steps for successful affiliate marketing.


One is focused on your training to conduct online affiliate marketing in general.


The other affiliate marketers module contains 10 steps also, it teaches how to become a

Wealthy Affiliate Marketer.   See the WA banner at top of this page


These recruitment payouts are recurring.


The WA training is so thorough and comprehensive in some areas it appears to be duplicated.


There is no duplication but there appears to be.


Some WA social features are not explained sufficiently,

especially on how to initially react to WA’s large membership.  


For example, WA has a concept of having members follow other members.


It is difficult for a new member to understand the significance of this follows

the member concept.


It is not thoroughly explained.


It has something to do with how you achieve the WA Ambassador rank.


Wealthy Affiliate tends to never explain the significance of this concept,

nor does it explain how to react to members who are following you.


It also never explains how the membership is supposed to interact with each other.


But, heck you can’t have everything!


Despite the above mentioned minor annoyances, the company, as well as its

business opportunity, appears to be legitimate, solid, honest, and financially solvent.


They’re intent on fulfilling their purpose by providing their membership comprehensive

information, thorough training, tools, money-making information and all the other

data needed for online success. 


In our judgment, this is an out-of-box business opportunity.


We reviewed and we believe we have honestly validated the claims of  Wealthy Affiliate. 


Their business opportunity does have the capacity to earn participating individuals a

large extra income from the comfort of their home.


Depending on the individual, some will earn a huge income with this opportunity.




On a scale of 1 to 100, we would rate the WA business opportunity

somewhere between 95% to 100%. 


Our reasons for this high rating follows:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate, in our opinion, does about 95% of what it says it will do. ( They are not perfect).
  2. The program can be profitable right from your home.
  3. Training provided is comprehensive and extensive.
  4.  They provide tremendous amounts of the necessary tools.
  5.  The WA platform is very functional and easy to operate.
  6.  Web sites, web pages, and blog posts are quick and easy to create.
  7.  SEO assistance is provided.
  8.  Traffic generation assistance provided.
  9.  Marketing lessons and videos are provided.
  10.  Weekly Webinars and Content Writing Assistance

The WA company appears to be extremely honest in its dealing with its members.  

Members are paid on time and in the right amounts.

Wealthy Affiliate attempts to do what they say they will do. 

Wealthy Affiliate has the best small business plan online. Believe it.


This is one of the most honest affiliate marketing companies we’ve ever run across. 

It has an abundance of:

1.Training Materials;

2. Marketing Tools;

3. Web Site Assistance;

4. SEO Setup and Assistance

5.  Traffic generation; and

                                                                                  6.   Unlimited Support.


Excuse our inability to do an adequate job of describing the awesomeness of the Wealthy

Affiliate business opportunity.


This opportunity is what can be labeled as one of the best. 


If we had to categorize the  money-making capacity of  this opportunity,

we’d labeled it in the “can’t miss category.” 





In our judgment, any free or paid member can easily earn a living in the WA program. 


Many members, maybe thousands, will see their income bloom to at least the

high 5 or low 6-figure income level.


Some few others could realize a million-dollar-a-year income.


This is a clean honest program. 


We’ve yet to discover any sense of dishonesty on the part of WA.


Never have we seen or discovered the depth of honesty that this home-based business opportunity projects.


The opportunity is definitely not a scam of any sort.


The platform is very functional and easy to operate.


Don’t let this one getaway.  


I would without hesitation, join this program. 


Joining It will cost you nothing, just a little time.


See it and judge for yourself.  


Not joining could cost you thousands of dollars and a better standard of living.


Join today…don’t delay

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If monthly or an annual membership their membership payment is either a monthly or annual  recurring payout to the initial sponsor for as long as the recruited member remains a paid member.




Bobby Williams is the founder and CEO of South Chi Marketing, Inc. He and his company have been marketing online for about 7 years. Mr. Williams, a retired Federal employee, has both bachelor and masters degrees in human resources management. South Chi Marketing is striving to live up to its motto, "complete honesty in all our business transactions".

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