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There is nothing like a brand new, never-used piece of fresh plastic,

loaded up with a decent credit limit, to make a person feel wealthy – at least temporarily.



Unfortunately, temporarily living like a rich person and enjoying wealthy

privileges like going shopping on a whim—going out to eat at a top name fancy

eatery when the urge strikes  or taking off on an extended vacation jaunt to some place of paradise are just some of the many capricious acts which

gets too many of us in debt trouble.

Debt can cause your life to be in despair


America’s slow but strangling creep into debt and income insolvency


Now that you have your good credit score and rating, you can now get credit cards that have a large spending ceiling. 

This new found spending power is what gets many of us in debt and other financial difficulties. 

Be careful with the credit and the debt that follows because along with this new debt burden;


you also now need a place to live, utilities, transportation to go to and from work, recreation, and food on the table.


To your  transportation expense let’s add an automobile and an automobile payment, car insurance payments and mortgage or rent payments to the mix.


Because of our Good Credit, we are now living pretty well, aren’t we?


OH! Boy! we forgot with this new house or apartment there suddenly is the need to purchase furniture.  


Good quality furniture is expensive so put it on credit also.  


Suddenly because of the everyday standard credit purchases like the ones described above,

you’ll soon find because of  these purchases,and the resultant debt,

your disposable income is drastically reduced.


Suddenly because of the required monthly payments and the resulting draconian interest rates associated with credit,

especially the credit card, you could suddenly find yourself in deep financial trouble.


The use of credit and the ultimate debt that follow is one of the most powerful tools for the creation of  pseudo wealth devised


Let’s face it credit and debt provides us with the life full of the pleasurable toys which we cherish.


However both credit and debt can be used unwisely or without caution or care.


Credit and the debt that follows credit can be the most disastrous issue facing individuals, families or society.


For most of society, the family and the individual, the credit mortgage payment is

probably a pretty good investment.


Why make some landlord rich when you can own your own place. 


When the place is sold you’ll probably be able to recoup your home investment expense


It is not the same with most forms of credit and the credit card.


Besides the minor convenience of having a credit card, unwise use of 

the credit card often can without warning become an albatross to you.


You’ll soon need the fastest way to get out of credit card debt, or enlist the aid from one of the debt consolidation companies.




Individuals with low to moderate incomes need to evaluate their initial credit needs.


For example, do they need that new shiny automobile for recreation and transportation?  


And did they need to add the mortgage cost,  the property tax cost, the auto insurance

premiums and the furniture costs to their debt load?


Unless there is a large increases in income, even middle-class individuals are often over their heads in debt. ,


They too often saddled themselves with too much credit and/or credit card debt. 


They have fallen prey to the alleged”easy” buy now…pay later allure of the credit and credit card industry.


Folks with premium credit will be receiving all kind of alluring offers and dirty tricks the industry uses to suck you into deep and deeper debt.


The credit card companies victimize us by letting us believe we are really better off than we really are 

They will begin their insidious debt process by slowly increasing your credit limit and consistently sending you

blank checks so you can receive a cash or a credit advance.


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They also sometimes even give you advice on how to spend your cash advance or use your credit card.  


Most credit card providers’ tactics cause the credit card to be a most insidious, seductive and destructive financial beast.


Don’t fall for the psyche.


Don’t be a victim of their financial death traps.




Consumer credit today is was and has become an extremely destructive force upon our national economy and personal lives.


In this post we’ll  focus on a deep look at credit debt in general and credit card debt in particular.


To avoid the debt traps put out by the banks and other credit lenders, you first, have to develop a strong discipline toward Madison Avenue and other advertisers.


Resist that latest credit card temptation you just received.


Break free from the “virtual prison that credit to debt has put us in. 


Destroy all credit cards, except one. This is only for real  emergencies.


 This is the first step in your program to attract true wealth into your life. 


You must learn how to beat and ignore the fanatical drives by creditors

to provide us with all forms of credit and debt.



After you take the first steps to cure the credit and debt monsters, then,

and only then, will the credit and debt beasts begin to become tamed. 




It is a sad but true fact that a very high percentage of all Americans of legal age,

because of long-term onerous interest rates have already spent a lot of

their discretionary income for years in advance. 


This means that for every discretionary dollar people in debt earn most of it’s going to help pay interest on their long-term debt load.


Get behind on debt payments or be only able to pay the minimum payment,

especially for credit cards, it will take years to pay the card balance off. 


Realize the interest expense attached to these little convenient pieces of rectangular plastic,

fool’s gold, is astronomical.


Astronomical interest rates which literally means that you're indebted to these banks and companies for years.


You're under their control for years AND A SLAVE TO THE DEBT THEY CARRY ON YOU


THIS IS WHY Most of your discretionary income for many years in the futuredoes not belong to you.



This literally means that you’re indebted to these banks and companies for years.


Discretionary income is what a person have left over to spend as they see fit after deducting fixed expenses, such as taxes, house note or rent, food, utilities, insurance and other major or minor monthly fixed expenses.


There is some help for long-term debt but, it is both expensive and controlling.


For example, there are a number of online debt management programs.


Some are free debt management programs. 


Most are nonprofit debt management programs.


Nonprofit debt management programs are the best way get rid credit card debt.




Many readers of this post will remember their beginning college economics course.


In this course, we were taught that the American economy is consumer purchase driven.


The stifling debt and interest owed by most Americans have depreciated their discretionary income and thus their standard of living and have had a negative effect on our consumer driven economy.


This consumer debt smothers our ability to have any real wealth.


Outstanding debt is the major reason the American people are no longer pouring money

into our consumer driven economy.


Remember the financial crisis of  2008 and 2009. 


The national credit debt was one of the main causes of this “Great Economic Meltdown.” 


Outstanding debt is the reasons for the rise of the bill consolidation debt management programs. 


We will not get into the pros cons of debt management programs.


The saving grace for many debtors is the many credit card debt management programs.


We’ll explore the best way to get out credit debt fast.


By the time we are through with this category you’ll discover the best way get out of credit card debt.


Keeping reading these posts on credit and debt and we’ll show you how to eliminate this terrible cloud of debt.


We’ll explore the way to handle credit card debt management programs.


We’ll also teach you the fastest way get out of credit card debt.





Credit or debt is not all bad.


It must however be judiciously handled. 


It is important to ultimately understand the phenomenon of the credit and debt instruments in the american society.


These instruments, depending on how you use them, can make your life full of joyous financial freedom or a living hell.


We welcome your comment on this or any article you find on this site.


We’ll attempt to provide real financial advice and help for those who may be struggling under debt.


We do intend to open eyes to some of the darkest financial mischief ever perpetrated upon the populace.


We welcome all comments. If there are questions, please email them to







Bobby Williams is the founder and CEO of South Chi Marketing, Inc. He and his company have been marketing online for about 7 years. Mr. Williams, a retired Federal employee, has both bachelor and masters degrees in human resources management. South Chi Marketing is striving to live up to its motto, "complete honesty in all our business transactions".

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