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Earn Cash At Home Using Social Media Marketing

Earn Cash At Home Using Social Media Marketing

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Today’s small businesses and solo operators exist in an exciting time and place.


It is possible for them without lavish budgets to utilize the same marketing tools as the big boys in marketing. 


Social media marketing is as accessible to the home marketer as it is to the big boys with their multi-million-dollar budgets.


Whether an individual is searching for an online income or a second income,

it is possible for them to make a good online home income using social media.




Over time, social media has become a powerful tool to help any individual or business, small and large, in the achievement of online money-making goals. 

Use social media as a promotional tool, it is an effective and cost-efficient way to

get a product or service in front of thousands if not millions of individuals.  


Social media is very capable of providing a large internet income to individuals interested in internet business opportunities.

However to most of the small online businesses and affiliates,

the medium is misunderstood.

Because social media is not understood very well, there are many questions concerning how to effectively use the medium for affiliate marketing promotions.


This post will try and throw light on some practical ways to use the medium

for online work at home business opportunities. 


Let’s now examine social media to best see how to use the medium in the pursuit

of a home opportunities business. 


To begin a successful money-seeking or money-making plunge into social media marketing,

either write the social media marketing plan as a part of your business plan yourself or

get help writing your social media and overall business plan.


If you decide to do your plan yourself, go online review and use examples of the many online business plan samples.

Search for and use the many FREE online researched tips on writing a business plan.


Get the necessary instructions there about how to write a business plan.


Use Social media as a practical tool and device.


The social media platforms are the ideal tools for use by an individual

or small business to earn extra income from home.


We don’t recommend the business limitation for any money earning business, but a large

annual household income could be earned exclusively using nothing but social media.

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Here is our further elaborate on the use of social media as one of the best money-making

opportunities on the Internet. 


Teaching yourself how to use social media marketing is extremely important.


That’s where our Wealthy Affiliate business opportunity is so suitable to the entrepreneur

who wants to train and learn how to make money using social media.


Many of the Wealthy Affiliate’s training modules are focused on and feature training that

can make a bushel of money using social media.


Our purpose with this blog is to point out some efforts you can use to make a real income

from home using social media.


In case you have attempted to use social media marketing before

and it did not produce results, read this and future posts or visit

Wealthy Affiliate for some tips on how to effectively use this medium.


Many times individuals, who failed to use social media properly, 

in their home based business opportunities need to retool their efforts and thinking

concerning social media. 

Social media is far too lucrative for the small business for any affiliate or online entrepreneur to abandon the pursuit of this medium.


Let’s talk about things that can re-energize you and your social media marketing efforts.


First, let’s start with what I have read and studied in various marketing books

 I remember reading in one of these books a measurement tool described as “the results approach.” 


According to the author, this approach can be summed up in seven steps.

They are as follows:



The seven steps below sound like real beginning marketing method and techniques,

and, that may be true, but, I assure you that these steps outlined below are steps that have

proven to work well for obtaining a marketing presence on the social

media marketing platforms. 


1.  You must and should recommit yourself to social media marketing as a part of your marketing toolbox.

Here patience is a virtue, you cannot afford to leave social media out of your marketing effort, or not advertise with or not promote using these money-making tools.

2.  Expect Success.

3.  Seek Partners.

4.  Understand Your Audience.

5.  Take Strategic Action.

6.  Look (always) for win-win scenarios.

7.  Stay Visible on the various social media platforms.




Individuals on the online social media platforms are of a little different breed than

may be found elsewhere online.   


Therefore, even if you failed at social media marketing before,

recommit yourself to keeping a marketing presence on these sites. 


Review and analyze how you approached your social media marketing efforts previously. 


Did you really put forth a full marketing effort?


Did you hang around social media platforms and build up familiarity with its members.


It has been proven that with the social media individuals, trust is a factor.


When marketing to them, you should attempt first to establish familiarity and trust.


Trust can be gained many times by your participation in events and through

communicating with the membership.


After you’ve established trust with the members.


Then put forth a full-blown marketing effort.


If the familarity and trust is not gained your market effort is probably going to result in failure, or less than expected results.




You’ve gained trust.  

Now after launching your full-blown social media marketing campaign you must expect success. 

Let your expectations shape reality. 

On a both a conscious and subconscious level, you have to think  that your marketing

effort is going to successful.  


Never undertake a major marketing effort believing you are going to fail or not be as successful as you think you should be.  


The belief above can be tantamount to failing for real. 

In a past post we discussed something about an individual’s state of mind often dictating good or bad event outcomes. 

The proper term for this condition is called the “self-fulfilling prophecy.”  


The self-fulfilling prophecy is both conscious and subconscious states, that normally means that whatever you consciously or subconsciously strongly believe about an event’s outcome is probably the outcome that is going to take place. 

 Having an expectation or strong belief of success means even if your marketing efforts and results are less than expected, you can often through analysis point to parts of your promotion that achieved success. 

As another success aside, you probably discovered a better way to move forward from the lessons learned in this effort.




This is the third step in the authors results approach to marketing to the social media.

You must have partners. 

You cannot succeed alone. You need help and assistance. 

A partner can be anyone and any form. 

It can be a significant other, a virtual assistant or anyone who like you is,

interested in having your marketing efforts succeed. 


You can have thousands of partners here at our free online money making opportunity, 




The fourth step detailed by the author in the journey toward being a successful social media marketer is to understand and become familiar with your target audience.


This means you must focus on your target customer’s needs and wants.


Never focus on what you want to sell, but, always place your focus on the desires, needs and wants of the customer.


Align your marketing efforts to the needs or wants of your customer and you are getting close to success.




Moving on, to the author’s next step is to look for win-win scenarios. 


This can mean developing collaborative efforts with your partners to grow your business and theirs.

However, by way of digression, we would be remiss if  we failed to mention the best free online money making opportunity on the net.


They’ll teach you how to write a business plan

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comprehensive training and support and more, much more.


This platform and company provides everything a business or an individual needs to succeed.


However, if you want to go it alone, there are ways to put you and your partner in a win-win situation. 


Working with a partner, we suggest you combine skill sets. 


For example, say you’re an accountant and you have a partner who is a lawyer you could together market your accounting skills along with your partner’s legal skill set up as a package.


The pair could team up to present individuals and small businesses with legal and

accounting services as a package.


In this scenario, each partner wins, they are not competing with each other,

and both skills are needed by almost everyone.




The author’s sixth step is to take strategic chances. 

As no one can guarantee results, here your strong efforts can trump failure. 


Your strong effort is the only thing that can move results from a possibility to a reality. 


Positive marketing and sales result can bring forth other business and management risks that must be planned for.

As an examples, a spike in sales might cause management problems, inventory control problems, or other unexpected problems.


What if your demand exceeded your supply, A BIG PROBLEM.


Things like the issues above can be anticipated and planned for if you believe that you’re going to be a success in the belief step and stage of your planning.


More people are frightened by success than they ever were of failure. 

However, if you believe you are going to be successful as discussed in step 2,

you’ll prepare for most management and supply problems.


Yes, it can be a big risk planning for success, but to achieve success without encountering

inventory, management or supply headaches, you must plan for success.



And the author’s last step in our first post about marketing to the social media is to stay visible. 

As said before there is a big trust factor on the social media platforms. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you, in some capacity, stay involved on these platforms. 

Never take a ghost approach.  Stay involved.

You should and must have a consistent and pervasive marketing effort on this medium.

Participate and your initial and subsequent efforts could more than likely spell success.

With the right message, product or service, social media could make your work at home opportunities very profitable.




This is a summary of our first and beginning post on marketing to the social media. 

We’ll be discussing this important topic further in future posts. 


We intend to cover the many ways to get trust, and market profitable to these individuals.

Contact with the social media can give our readers and subscribers real work at home opportunities.


We also introduce the best affiliate marketing company and platform on the internet.


This company teaches all aspects of marketing through the social media.


Marketing to the social media should not be mysterious. 


It is not difficult to grasp the essentials of social media marketing,

which we’ll cover in further posts on this subject.


However, no amount of our posts and the training at wealthy affiliate

can substitute for your hard work. 


To achieve money making opportunities at home on the social media you must

be willing to learn, stay dedicated, and keep involved. 


Do this and most assuredly you cannot fail in your legit work at home opportunities.

We welcome any and all comments. If you have any question about this post, send us an email to


Bobby Williams is the founder and CEO of South Chi Marketing, Inc. He and his company have been marketing online for about 7 years. Mr. Williams, a retired Federal employee, has both bachelor and masters degrees in human resources management. South Chi Marketing is striving to live up to its motto, "complete honesty in all our business transactions".

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