About Us


South Chi Marketing, (SCM),  is both a direct and an affiliate marketing company. Our goal will always be to place our customers’ desire, interest, and satisfaction first.  

We have an online mission.  Our online mission is to find and promote only the finest products on the internet. We’ll never settle for inferior products.  Our customer deserves the best.

All promoted product (s) will meet extremely high standards. We reinforce our standards when we interact with our Internet customers and visitors.  

We reinforce our standards when we interact with our online customers and visitors.  

We simply gear our actions and our small business plan to only advance product that meet our definition of the “smell test”.

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The main aspect to passing the smell test to us means that the product or service must, number 1, perform as stated.   

Our sample business plan, our actions, missions, and thoughts are directed 100% to provide our customers, online colleagues, and all, our site visitors complete fulfillment and satisfaction. 


South Chi Marketing has been involved in online marketing for about 7 years. We promote a number of natural herbs, supplements, and vitamins. We promote also a number of the best online work at home business opportunities.  

Our beyond comparison health and aging web site is http://anti-aging-plus-greathealth.comat .  Observe and get ready to make money.

We also promote a number of the best online work at home business opportunities. All the health-giving products we promote have to meet our purity and wholesome standards.  We assure this standard is met by conducting extensive online product research. 

You can rest assured about any product promoted by SCM.  We stand by our promise to have conducted online product research of all of our promoted products.

All products featured by us in our sales business plan will be at or above, the highest standards available.

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If we, ourselves, would not consume or use a product, we’ll not market the product.

All our product promotions will be honest and above board. We want to be, and, strive to be, the best online affiliate marketing enterprise.

We’re only interested in quality health-giving products and real truthful, no-scam, money making income opportunities.

Only the top work home businesses will be featured in our marketing assistance.

Healthcare products which claim to, but do not, provide their promised health benefits or they really do not prevent or slow the aging process, are not going to be promoted by SCM. 

Income opportunities, which upon investigation by our quality control staff, are found to be less than advertised or are outright online scams will and are quickly rejected.

These types of programs will not ever be promoted by our company.

We’ll feature and promote a number of health supplements and vitamins.

Products that have been tested and validated as to their health providing or age reducing performance.

We are most interested in products that help our customers get off big medicines’ wheel of fortune. 

This one-way wheel of fortune keeps sick people sick, broke, and for the most part still sick.

The big Three’s wheel of fortune is especially draconian for the senior citizen. 

After the excessive cost of medication by the pharmaceutical company (big pharma) an individual may or may not be subject to the other two parts of what we label the triad; doctors and hospitals.

All are having a negative effect on our economy VIA the cost of living.

The three because of both their collusion and dependence on each other together, is excessively charging the general population for their service. 

When all three members of the triad get their financial grip on us at the same time, most poor and middle-class individuals had better report to the nearest soup kitchen. 

We’re being somewhat facetious with the past remark, or, were we.  Most of the time, the financial outcome is almost draconian.

Our focus at SCM is on prevention.  We believe an individual can curtail the excessive need to visit the above triad.  

This can be accomplished by the individual working to prevent his/her own illness. 

Millions of individuals who are now or become rigorous in their attempt to get good nutritional information, the appropriate exercise, rest, eat the right foods and take the appropriate quality supplement and vitamins, should able to cut down or avoid all together their visits, time, and expense with the triad.  

Research has shown that the kind of prevention discussed above can help the majority of individuals worldwide maintain a lasting state of health, even, into old age.

Except for annual physical checkups with your personal physician, which we recommend, most individuals should be able to avoid the mousetrap of the triad for a long period of time.

Think of the money you’ll save!

Be Wary of the Triad–Financial Disaster Could Be Your Next Bed Buddy.

We have a number of company health providing goals. One of our company goals of the future is to shine more light on our beloved medical triad.  

The alleged health triad consist of the health professions’ doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical industries.  

Without pausing for a second thought, we acknowledge that two of the three entities are presently needed by society. Can you guess which two?

But the need by the individual for the physician sector of the triad should be yearly for a physical exam or barring injury, accident,  or other trauma, it should be seldom and far between.

Let’s face reality, without doctors we’d have no accurate diagnosis, surgery, or injury repair.  Hospitals are needed when, an individual needs treatment after an accident, surgery or for illness recuperation.

Nevertheless, prevention should be our goal.

In keeping with the spirit of prevention, individuals should have a family physician, and they should have annual periodic physicals and checkups.

If you’re getting periodic checkups and practicing the prevention methods discussed above you should be able to limit or even eliminate (BIG PHARMA)  and maybe also eliminate the third part of the triad, hospitals.

Without ill health prevention, most of us in our lifetime will probably have many encounters with all three.  

The problem with the triad lies in their societal dependence on each other. An example of this is as follows:

Below are the Baby Steps toward financial bankruptcy:

* You,  the potential patient, did not or have not, practiced prevention as you should have; 

 * You suddenly feel ill or out of tune–you visit your friendly family doctor

 * Doctor examines you and; your favorite doctor decides for you (your) the next move,

  *Eight out of 10 times, he or she will prescribe just expensive medication (Big PHARMA) has now taken control.

The doctor is well aware that you may get an addiction or suffer organ destruction or other related medical issues courtesy of  Big Pharma. 

Does he or she care? (PROBABLY SO)

But then, there are their years of expensive and rigorous training and the gifts from (BIG PHARMA)  to take into consideration. Admit the individual to the hospital, and be in the good graces of the hospital and BIG PHARMA also.

The physician knows, that he’ll be able to prescribe BIG Pharma’s medication while you’re hospitalized,  thus filling his obligation to big pharma, So—

he or she decides you’re in real bad shape so he decides you need-  (Physician office visit charges)$$$$$.

— a little care and rest in his/her favorite hospital (where he/she have Staff Privileges) ($$$$$$$$$$). Add more physician charges for each time the doctor comes to see you, whether they did anything to help your recovery or not.($$$$).

   *In the hospital you’re given expensive, poisonous side effects, laden medication ($$$$$$$$$$$$) which only treats the symptoms of your disease or illness.

Most prescribed medication. does little or nothing to cure the majority of health issues.

   *Hospital stay cost equals all the tangible and intangible charges of a typical hospital stay–($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$); Physician costs–($$$$$).

Charges for ancillary things like lab fees, radiology fees, and a host of other fees too numerous to track.($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).

The trio (discussed above) have now officially begun their assault upon your wallet and your health. Stop the assault by practicing PREVENTION at http://anti-aging-plus-greathealth.com

It is sad to say that we sometimes let our health, because, of mostly bad habits, regress to the point where we let all three parts of the medical triad get their hands on us, at the same time.

Once in, they’re in control.  You’re now under the control of the hospital via your friendly physician, and (big pharma) has control also, through your friendly drug prescribing physician and rest providing hospital.

After the hospital is through dispensing bad medicine; probing your body, and stabbing you with needles, hopefully, you will be discharged, and not die.

Are you well now?  Have you been cured of what malady you were experiencing? 

Most of the time, the answer is a great big NO. Many times we’re sicker after experiencing the grip of the triad than we were before they gave us their tender loving care.

If this interaction with the medical trio did not make you sick enough, wait until you get the bills from the hospital and your smiling physician. You’ll more than likely be confused and sick after this review

Of course no direct bill from BIG Pharma, their bill is part of you life-giving hospital’s bill to you. Don’t have had surgery–bill becomes even more astronomical.

This above description of the process is the triad operating at its best.

When the triad works its magic your little foray, with each of them, will directly cost you in the thousands.

 The above combination of entities have become a financial threat to the middle class; especially in the good old USA, and, possibly worldwide.   

The Triad’s focus on mostly chemically derived medication and their lack of focus on nutritional information, clean air, fresh water, exercise, natural products, supplements and vitamins, and quality food as a healing force are doing a disservice to us all.  

The trio’s propensity of greed and patient overcharging is creating a plethora of individual financial problems, worldwide. 

But even more dire is their lack of success in curing any major diseases.  

Their efforts and especially their mostly failures will be detailed in a number of our future Blog posts.

We’ll offer pro and con information about the poor cure rate versus the financial costs.  Interested! (Read our Blog Posts) We intend to raise awareness about the triad.

We believe the above entities have a vested interest in keeping the population sick.

Without a very sick population, they would soon be bankrupt or have a much-reduced standard of living. And believe us, because most people do not practice illness prevention, we’re a sick population. 

The Triad is getting rich!

Because of the human failure to practice prevention on a broad scale, most humans have some major or minor malady; therefore, the triad is becoming arrogant and rich.

We’ll also discuss and write about the many issues concerning our air, food, water supply, and healthcare.  We’ll conduct research on our food supply.

We’ll report on the food industries’ institutions and the FDA who together have teamed up to allegedly provide quality health giving foods.

We believe they both have failed.  We’ll also conduct research and bring attention to the many best foods for supporting good health.

Each month we’ll report the findings thru Blog post.


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