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Who is South Chi Marketing?

South Chi Marketing (located in South Suburban Chicago, Illinois) is a small profitable marketing company.  

Its main goal, LIKE ANY BUSINESS, is to make money online and be prosperous.  


In the pursuit of this goal, we bend over backward still to treat everyone with whom we become

associated with the utmost integrity, honesty, and respect.



In keeping with our customer-oriented creed, developed from our beginning;

We place our associate’s (whether online or off) desires, interest, and satisfaction first.  

We respect all online associates, and clients by providing them with honesty in all our business transactions.  

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We search the NET to discover then offer products or opportunities of very high quality.   

 We pride ourselves by providing assistance and guidance to the online small businesses,

solo professionals and want to be entrepreneurs.

Using our assistance and guidance, many have found a path to success and profitability.



We’ll show you how
Make money in an online business opportunity


PRESIDENT AND CEO–Bobby WilliamsBobby Williams was awarded a bachelor and master degree in business.  Mr. Williams has either managed or been a leader involved in off and online businesses. He has about 20 years of full-time or part-time experience. Over the years he has earned thousands of dollars online.  His current online involvement has netted him thousands of dollars in profit and satisfaction.

VICE-PRESIDENT AND COO–Jonathan Wilkshas a bachelor degree management.  He has also managed or been a top leader in a number off and online businesses. He has either managed or been a director in a number of five-figure dollars a month online business opportunities.

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER–Jay Anthony has a bachelor and master degree in accounting and finance.  He has worked for a number of accounting firms. He has been involved in finance and accounting online for about 10 years.

VICE-PRESIDENT MARKETING–Hank Akers–has a master degree in marketing. He has made money online. In fact tens of thousands. He is an expert at ferreting out and pick money making business opportunities. He specializes in discovering and activating little-known ways to make money online.

VICE-PRESIDENT CUSTOMER RELATIONS–Janet AbramsMs. Abrams has a master degree in business.  She’s responsible for keeping our client relations friendly and positive.  She provides a positive company to client relationship. 

Our teamwork provides answers on how to start a business at home



We cater to the small online business;

by tearing down the competitive walls between the online newbies and the more experienced online marketers,

by assuring our clients that the money-making opportunities that we promote are legitimate,

by promoting business opportunities that are for real and do what they promise,

by learning the secrets behind opportunities we promote and passing them on to our clients,

By assuring ourselves that a product or business opportunity performs the way it should.



We’ve had a profitable online business for about 5 years.  

Our creed of online honesty over these years has allowed us, to forge a very profitable, successful online business.

Over the years we have strived very hard to keep our creeds of honesty and integrity.

We’ll never allow a hint of scam in any of our programs or product offerings.

Any opportunity or product marketed by us must meet our rigid standards of excellence. 

We conduct extensive research on all our promotions.  

We do this to be almost absolutely sure that the promoted item(s) will truly perform as advertised.

We deliver an honest. forthright and transparent  appraisal and evaluation of  all programs offered by us for purchase or subscription.



We do all this so you don’t have to do it.   

As stated above, just like you we’re online marketers.  

And Just like You we need business opportunities that are honest.

Opportunity must be clear in its presentation, is profitable, and has an established track record.

We will not advertise or promote any product, opportunity or business system that has any scent of being a scam.

Opportunities that have a poor performance history are quickly rejected.


What are some of the results of our extensive research?

We conduct research to protect our brand and our company’s reputation.

We spend countless dollars and hours analyzing and probing deeply into many online business opportunities.

Our searches revealed only a few online products or money-making opportunities

that do what they promise and say.  


We discovered a large number of scammy opportunities.

 The majority of which are designed only to make the operators rich.

Others had promise but left out key parts of the steps to online profits success.  

And, many others were too arduous, time-consuming and tedious.

 We discovered hundreds of the above type of opportunities and/or products.



We discovered a few REAL TRUE GEM online opportunities.

These opportunities could actually make the client money.

All had their focus on making their subscribers profitable and successful.

They met our criteria also that money making had to be accomplished without any need lavish budgets.

But most important, money-making had to be achieved without a long period of preparation and understanding.








Like you, we cannot afford to waste our time and money promoting worthless products or opportunities,

Those that deliver no useful or monetary benefits except to the promoters of the opportunity are quickly rejected.

All our advertised or promoted moneymaking opportunities must provide

a step-by-step path for persons to form a profitable and successful business online.


This must be done quickly ( 6 to 12 months) without any need for lavish budgets or funding.

Opportunity must allow small online entrepreneurs to effectively compete

with and use many of the tools of the large online corporations.



Let’s face it.  South Chi Marketing’s (SCM) main purpose, just like any other business, is to make money and be profitable. 

Despite its needs, SCM’s highest goal in its small business plan is to only promote business opportunities or product

that actually does 95 to 100% of what the product or opportunity promised.


No matter the cost to our company:

In choosing a business opportunity or an online product SCM strives to place our

customers’ desire, interest, and satisfaction first.  

Nothing is more important to us than is our customers’ satisfaction.


All business opportunities worth looking at are thoroughly tested.

PASSING OUR smell test means that the product or service must:


number 1, perform as stated.

number 2, provide the benefits promised.


Our sample small business plan, all our actions, missions, and thoughts online

are directed 100% to the quality fulfillment of our customers, and online colleagues.  

The promoted opportunity or product must meet our purity and wholesome

definition for passing the Smell Test.

We guarantee complete fulfillment and satisfaction.

As with business opportunities, all the products we promote have to meet our purity and quality standards.

We assure these standards are met by conducting online product research.

You can be assured about any product or opportunity promoted by South Chi Marketing.

We conduct complete research on all of our promoted opportunities or products.

If we, ourselves, would not consume a product or get involved in a

business opportunity, using that opportunity.

We would never market the product or opportunity to anyone online or offline. 

With our firm, a  promoted company’s advertising, product offering, and other materials must

be truthful, and transparent.

They must also perform as advertised and provide the benefits promised.




We’ll teach you how to make money without having to spend money!


South Chi Marketing (SCM) is an affiliate marketing and marketing firm.


Our marketing efforts are centered on discovering the best online

business opportunities  and money-making companies.

We found one!

The company is named Wealthy Affiliate, or WA for short.


Welcome yourself to the Wealthy Affiliate marketing

and general marketing platform and see for yourself how solid and wealth

producing this opportunity can be.  Isn’t the possibilities amazing!


Based on our investigation, it appears the Wealthy Affiliate

company has been in business online for about 12 years of stability and profitability. 

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The Wealthy affiliate is founded on the principles of honesty and integrity.  

It believes also in absolute affiliate and client satisfaction.

Wealthy Affiliate is a company who places affiliate marketing and training as primary focus.  

But, teaching and training its affiliates how to make money runs a close second.

This company respects it affiliates and bends over backward to satisfy their needs.

 Behind their affiliate platform, they deliver for their affiliates through their

state-of-the-art technology, training, and support.




The WA opportunity is known and is popular online for providing a second-to-none coaching,

educational environment, and program.


The Wealthy Affiliate offers a massive amount of affiliate marketing and

marketing training, in addition a wealthy affiliate marketer can get advice,

coaching, and direction from thousands of the leading

affiliate marketers in the world.


These people make money online.  


They’ll teach you how to duplicate their profitability and success.


The WA Opportunity combines training, building tools, and all the other procedures, and whistles

needed for any company or an individual to make money online and be successful.





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  1. The WA business opportunity is 100% legitimate. Definitely not a scam.
  2. It works consistently and  constantly to bring success and profitability to its members
  3. It requires active involvement and participation.  
  4. YES, you can Make money as a Free member.
  5. If you’re looking for more income, a second income or even better a large online income, this is the one 
  6. After a short period of training and setup, this opportunity will seem to produce an almost automated income.
  7. This opportunity can place an individual’s earnings way beyond expectations.


They also do all the hard pushing for you.  WA does all the hard work for you.

For example; they provide you,

  1.  with an absolutely FREE membership;
  2.  free website building themes;
  3. free website;
  4. free domains
  5. website building assistance
  6. free training and support
  7. free hosting and publishing
  8. free WordPress platform.


You can earn money while enrolled as a free member.

Join this money-making opportunity FREE at

Stay a free member.

Never will there be a demand for you to buy a paying membership. 

Free members can remain free and have the opportunity to earn a big income.  

Review opportunity at

Act now  Don’t miss out.


The chance for the always free memberships could expire soon.

Begin to earn while you learn.


This is a superior profit making chance.

Review opportunity at

This is and can be the ideal cash producer for any persons desirous of an internet income.

The well thought out WA system allows both free and paid member’s high

levels of success and profitability.

We believe in our soul,  what WA has done before,  and will still, make many

many more online millionaires.


Should Anyone Be Interested In The Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Opportunity?



First,  you might ask yourself what is wealthy affiliate, and we’re here to

introduce this amazing company to you.

This incredible business opportunity is an affiliate marketers dream.

It’ll teach you everything you need to know about online affiliate and general marketing.

The Wealthy Affiliate’s online business success depends a lot on you and thousands

of other WA affiliates to remain in business.

They Don’t make money unless you do!

This means that WA will take you and all its affiliates by the hand and do everything

possible to help you find online profits and success.

The Wealthy affiliate founders and managers believe in the same principles as we do, honesty

and integrity in business.

In keeping with this creed, they make sure that their subscribers

and affiliates receive all the benefits promised by their promotions.


They have a comprehensive training program and here you’ll learn everything,

and I do mean everything, that you need to know about affiliate

marketing and making money online.


They really do take you by the hand until you achieve the success you’re looking for.


They have so much confidence in their system of teaching, training and their business

opportunity they have established an almost unheard of online benefit, a Free membership.


But this is not like the Free memberships on a few other websites.


WA’s free membership is really free.


Join WA absolutely free and never have to ever pay for your membership.

You can and there are others doing it now make money on the WA platform as a free member.


The WA has it’s on affiliate marketing program.


A very lucrative affiliate program paying its affiliates nearly 50 percent of a recruited

premium member’s annual or monthly membership fees.

This means for every premium member who is a monthly paying subscriber you recruit,

you receive a monthly recurring commission.of $8.00 monthly.

And, for each premium member who is subscribed on an annual basis the recruiter receives $175.00.


The beauty of this arranagement is that the above commissions are paid year-after-year as long

as the premium member remains a premium member.


You can see from the above that this is an incredible potential moneymaker.  

But why you should become a wealthy Affiliate affiliate?

The number one reason is you can make bushels of easy money with the opportunity.


Secondly, we and the Wealthy Affiliate will teach, train, support,  and help you learn all

the secrets for making money as a WA affiliate and in other affiliate program.


We’ll provide you with a startup business plan also that almost guarantees

your success and profitability.  


As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you’ll receive state-of-the-art technology, education,

coaching, and weekly webinars to make and keep you a successful affiliate.  


The more money you make, the more money Wealthy Affiliate earns.


The success of WA is dependent on you being profitable and successful.


Imagine yourself starting and earning cash in an online business

that took no money to join.


Join the WA program, earn money with the program without now or ever paying one RED CENT.

Wealthy Affiliate will never request your credit card or any other payment form unless

you chose to provide it.

Wealthy Affiliate can and will deliver you success and profits–FREE

See the Wealthy Affiliate tools and other materials located at (

This plethora of tools are designed to maximize your marketing reach, your

conversions, and your overall affiliate revenue.


Wealthy Affiliate flys below the online radar.

But to those in the know, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is one of the primary innovators and

industry leaders in the affiliate marketing sphere.  

The company despite its lack of online notoriety is currently and has in the past

produced a slew of six-figure earners.

Wealthy Affiliate is richly setup to provide big incomes to thousands more

in the present and in the future.



The wealthy affiliate is a low-cost online startup business opportunity.


This is and can be the ideal cash producer for the persons

desiring an internet income.


Thousands of  Wealthy Affiliate affiliates over time have become successful and profitable.

 Utilizing The Wealthy affiliate platform, you can do the same.

The Wealthy Affiliate will advance your skill-set as an affiliate.  

It also will provide you a subset of money-making marketing tools.

These tools can be used by anyone to maximize their marketing reach, money-making

conversions, and their overall online affiliate revenue.

Please visit and leave your comments about this opportunity or still better join

the program for free and begin to experience the WA benefits.


We have to be honest and say…”anyone working this opportunity has the potential

to make tons of money or no money at all!”


To be successful in WA, the affiliate must be willing to work around 12 hours

weekly and spend some time learning everything they need to know about

marketing, affiliate marketing, and making money online.




You can almost assure your prosperity and success if you’re willing to participate and work this opportunity.

The WA marketing program and business model requires patience active involvement and participation.

If you can do the above, the Wealthy Affiliate income opportunity can earn you a large yearly income.

In fact, for a plethora of WA active members,  including ourselves, the average annual income

s in the high 5 or, six-figures. Thw income ranges range from about $90,000 to as high as $150,000 annually.


I again send this Warning, if you’re looking for a no work, get rich overnight

scheme this program is not that and it may not be suitable for you.


OTHER THAN THE ABOVE  CAVEAT, You need this almost guaranteed money maker

You’ll find no failure here. Join today. Join free.

Earn A good second income or an income far beyond the upper-middle-class range.


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SCM has been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about three years.

Wish we could tell you that the opportunity made us Rich or even Wealthy.

It did neither. But it did make us money effortless and quick.

It took about six months for us to move from an absolute amateurs

earning almost nothing monthly to our present monthly income

which fluctuates between high four-figures to low five-figures monthly






Our company at the present is currently earning about $6,000 monthly with the opportunity.

In the future years, we expect to double or triple the above monthly income.


WA Delivering just what it promises.


The WA affiliate business opportunity has a small business plan and the overall honesty and integrity that

meets and exceeds our rigid “smell test.”  


Visit and see for yourself.  


You’ll be pleased and surprised.


There is nothing cooking at WA but the smell of easy money and a chance to make lots of

it at the Wealthy Affiliate business opportunity and affiliate marketing program.

Be on Your way. Don’t delay.  Join today, You’ll be glad that you joined. Do it now.

We’ve investigated and conducted a more comprehensive thorough reviewed of Wealthy Affiliate.


(For these findings and a more thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate, see our post, entitled,

“A Critical review of the Wealthy Affiliate business opportunity”) 

Comments are welcome. If the reader has any questions about this page. We want to help.

Send questions to